For the record, IF has updated the B.O. totals of the 39 Australian films and feature documentaries released in 2014.

Collectively those titles plus holdovers from previous years raked in $26.1 million, a market share of 2.43%, according to the MPDAA.

That’s down from the 2013 tally of $38.5 million from 27 new local films and holdovers, a market share of 3.51%. In 2012 the total was $47.8 million from 27 releases, a market share of 4.25%.

In the past 10 years the record for ticket sales is 2009 when Aussie films rang up $54.7 million, 5.04% of the total B.O.

Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner was the top-grosser in 2014 after opening on Boxing Day and earning $5.7 million, overtaking The Railway Man’s calendar year gross.

As IF has reported, Oz cinema has made a positive start to 2015 with Rob Connolly’s Paper Planes scoring $3.3 million in its first week and The Water Diviner advancing to $13.5 million.

The chart's cut-off point is $10,000 so that excludes a handful of 2014 releases including William Kelly's War ($9,888), Turkey Shoot ($6,646), My Cornerstone ($5,965) and John Doe: Vigilante ($958). 

View the 2014 box office scorecard here.

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  1. Why the $10,000 cut off? These figures are SO INCREDIBLY HARD to get a hand on and it’s good for them to all be in one place for journos and students doing research.

  2. So 1/2 a million gets you into the top ten. I think there would be Australian theater comedy and music tours that would be higher than a lot of these films for box office. Let’s send some government money to things people want to see instead.

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