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Adstream’s data security, quality management and sustainable practices have been certified by the ISO (9001, 27001), CDSA and Ecovadis.

3 Things to consider before selecting your DAM vendor

Data and content security

DAM platforms enable stakeholders around the world to collaborate on projects, resulting in agile production and faster go-to-market times. These systems also alleviate resources, eliminating internal media requests by making assets widely available.

All compelling reasons to implement DAM. However, with data security an increasingly prevalent issue, we must be sure to establish whether a provider has the systems in place to protect our brand identity.

A great way to do this is to ask whether they are certified by organisations such as the ISO (International Standardization Organization) and CDSA (Content Delivery and Security Association). These endorsements indicate that the provider is compliant with global standards and committed to ongoing analysis of their data and content security systems.

TIP: Be sure to establish whether their certifications cover all aspects of the DAM platform. Including, the (often overlooked) file transfer systems that send assets to and from the platform. Solutions such as Sendplus protect files with 256bit encryption and are capable of safely moving entire folder structures. If you are sending confidential files this is often a faster and more secure alternative to conventional web applications.

Quality Management

Within the rapidly evolving advertising and marketing landscape, you should always aim to implement a scalable, future-proof solution. Like many new technologies, DAM platforms enable enormous efficiencies when implemented correctly. Although, they are far less effective when the vendor is unable to promote user adoption and accommodate ongoing requirements.

When selecting your DAM service, ensure that vendors are customer focused and display a commitment to continually improving their offering and infrastructure. It is essential that your team is supported throughout both the implementation process and their day-to-day operations.

Your provider should also be actively seeking to integrate with other popular technologies. Particularly, components of the advertising workflow like: media delivery, social media management, clearance bodies and talent management services.

To check that a DAM provider is up to the task, ask about their professional services, past and planned platform updates, upcoming integrations and quality management certifications such as ISO 27001, which judges aspects such as motivation and implementation of top management.

Sustainable practices

Today’s organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need for sustainable environmental, social and ethical practices – often selecting suppliers based on their alignment with these values. Sustainable practices are often synonymous with improved risk management, innovation, professionalism, integrity and customer focus.

Services such as Ecovadis provide a platform and certification to assist in the integration of sustainability standards and help ethically conscious organisations find suitable partnerships.

If your company has a set of goals within this area, it is worth discussing them with you DAM vendor to ensure that your plans and practices are alike.

In summary, these considerations should help to guide your assessment of prospective DAM suppliers and highlight a few aspects of DAM partnerships that are often overlooked. For more tips on selecting the perfect DAM vendor, see our tips.

If you would like to know more about the certifications mentioned above, we recommend visiting the following websites.

ISO 9001 – Quality management

ISO 27001 – Data security



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