33 Postcards trailer

04 August, 2011 by IF

33 Postcards had its world premiere at this year's Sydney Film Festival.

Sixteen-year-old Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) has dreamt of meeting her Australian sponsor and pen-friend Dean Randall (Guy Pearce) and his 'perfect family' for ten years. When her orphanage travels to Australia to attend a choir festival, Mei Mei disobeys the school leader and sets out to find him, navigating unfamiliar streets with the help of Carl (Lincoln Lewis), the charismatic son of a dodgy car dealer. When she discovers that the idyllic life Dean depicted in his postcards is far from the truth, Mei Mei remains tenacious in her efforts to connect with him.


The film will be released later this year by Titan View.

33 Postcards Trailer from John Simpson on Vimeo.