7Wonder scores first UK commission

09 May, 2014 by Don Groves

The Seven Network’s UK production co-venture is producing a four-part documentary that follows English comedian Micky Flanagan as he rides a bicycle in a fantasy Tour de France.

The UK’s Sky1 HD commissioned the show, now in production,  from 7Wonder, a joint venture between Seven, Alexandra Fraser, Liza Abbott and Simon Ells that launched earlier this year to create TV programmes and formats for the UK market.


Tentatively titled Micky Flanagan Hits the Road, the series follows Flanagan and his mate Noel Lynch, a brickie and keen cyclist, as their tour encompasses the Champagne vineyards, Belgian beers, epic landscapes, wild boar, Burgundy wines, the Eiffel Tower and nudist camps.

Micky and Noel are tackling such questions as: Are those narrow seats really any good for your fruit and nuts and is lycra nothing more than a dangerous fetish gateway fashion?

A co-production with Flanagan and CKP’s production company Double Busy, the series will be distributed internationally by Sky Vision. Seven will broadcast in Australia.

"We have already had a lot of interest – Micky Flanagan is hilarious," Therese Hegarty, Seven's head of production & rights management, told IF.

“This is our first commission and we’re thrilled to be in production with such a strong series so soon from the 7Wonder launch," said Abbott, who, like Fraser, previously worked at Maverick Television.

“We couldn't think of a better way to start than co-producing with Britain's most popular comedian. That along with the fact that I am a middle-aged cyclist – it’s the perfect busman's holiday."

Sky1 director Adam MacDonald said, “It’s a joyful, passionate and funny production which makes it perfect for Sky1.”

Brad Lyons, Seven Network director of production, said: “This is a terrific achievement for a new company in a competitive market. This commissioning underlines our commitment to 7Wonder and Seven's plans to build our presence in content creation."

7Wonder follows the formation of the 7Beyond alliance with Beyond International which focuses on the creation and development of programmes and formats for the US. Seven’s original formats and produced programmes are sold into more than 130 markets.