ABC TV announces follow-up series to A Moody Christmas

19 April, 2013 by Emily Blatchford

The Moody family will be returning to Australian television screens in a follow-up series to the popular comedy A Moody Christmas.

ABC TV yesterday confirmed the second series has been given the green light, with scripting currently underway and production slated for later this year in Sydney.


The new series will go under a different name but will still focus on the Moody clan and will be based around significant moments in the family’s year.

Produced by Jungleboys in association with ABC TC, the 8X30 minute series will reunite some of the original creative team, including Trent O’Donnell, Phil Lloyd and Executive Producer, Jason Burrows.

ABC TV Head of Fiction Carole Sklan said: “After spending Christmas with the Moodys we are now delighted to bring audiences a year in the much loved family’s life – eight important occasions brimming with the keenly observed humour, recognisable incidents and heightened flourishes we’ve come to expect from Trent, Phil and the Jungleboys team.”

Burrows said, “The feedback we've had on Moody has been amazing, and everyone is really excited about the second series. Moving outside of the Christmas theme will give Trent and Phil a lot more scope to explore the dysfunctionality of the family, but again it will have a lot of heart.”








  • zee chen

    Live in California and I am always looking for diamonds like this show from other countries. I really enjoyed the series and look forward to the next one.

  • Adam

    Love it. Missed it when it originally aired so seeing it for the first time now. Classic. Looking forward to the new series.

  • Mikey

    Just acquired sky on demand and up popped this comedy
    gem.Thank you Sky.

  • michelle milat

    Love moody christmas! When is the next series? What channel, time, name of show? We laughed so hard…we want more! 🙂

  • Rene

    I was happy to find this great little series on Hulu. I look forward to the follow-up, but being in the States relying on Hulu, I probably won’t see it for 2 years. At any rate, well done.

  • Beck

    Absolutely loved this show..really made me laugh. Am so excited to hear another series on the way. Can’t wait

  • Billy

    I happened across this little gem via HuluPlus after seeing countless adverts of it on other shows. I finally gave in and am happy I did. As an ex-pat from the States I was pleasantly surprised and… more importantly, hooked that I really enjoyed the ups and downs in a quick-smart fashion that allowed me to digest the latest goings on in the Moody Family.

    Thanks again and very much looking forward to the next endeavour.

  • SJ Shore

    This was aired on SKY here in the UK. Absolutely loved it! Perfect Aussie quirky humour!

  • Helen Lister

    Stumbled upon this on Sky On Demand whilst searching for something else – downloaded all six episodes and, after viewing the first, I just HAD to watch the remaining five, straight off, one after the other. I LOVED it – very cleverly written, with some of the humour and traits of the characters being immediately evident, and much, much more emerging more gradually and organically as the series progresses… it is impossible to not feel some empathy for even the most grotesque characters long before the end of episode 6. More subtle, complex and sophisticated than Kath & Kim, it has a similar ‘feel’ but the truest thing I can say about it is that it is just so brilliantly, gut-achingly hilarious!

  • Robyn Fuerst

    Best Aussie comedy in years, the writers are brilliant and have encapsulated our humour perfectly, and the casting is spot on. Thank you so much for creating this show…obviously I adore it. Have introduced the show to friends and their reaction has been the same. We want more!!

  • Rosa

    Brilliantly acted. – great characters. A top show. Our family can’t wait for the next show. Well done all.

  • Trevor

    Loved every bit top show .What is the new one called ?