AFTRS teams with Start VR and Vivid on VR Noir

30 March, 2016 by Staff Writer

AFTRS is partnering with Start VR to present VR Noir: A Day Before the Night as part of Vivid 2016's Ideas program.


Created by Start VR in collaboration with post production and VFX house FSM, VR Noir will run for four days during Vivid at the AFTRS building in Moore Park.

The virtual reality film "experience" is set in an urban setting captured using 360 degree live action photography, blended with computer generated visual effects. 

On the first night, June 8, AFTRS CEO Neil Peplow will host a Q&A with the AFTRS and Start VR crew behind the project. 

The audience will hear from the scriptwriters about the challenges of writing for interactive VR, from the director about directing performance for VR, and from the producers about the challenges of VR production.

VR Noir's cinematographer will talk about the technical challenges of shooting VR and post production experts will discuss the pipeline for delivery of VR content.

“AFTRS is preparing young creative screen content creators for a future of unimaginable technical innovation, as well as reskilling industry professionals to take their place in an exhilarating world of technological change", Peplow said. 

"This partnership with Vivid Sydney and Start VR is an exciting opportunity to explore the world of VR here on campus with practitioners and audiences”.

Start VR showrunner and EP Nathan Anderson said: “This process has been a tremendous opportunity to develop and pilot an original VR property". 

"Working with AFTRS we feel we can harness the collective wisdom of traditional filmmaking as we attempt to create a new set of conventions and techniques in the emerging VR space". 

Anderson said he sees A Day Before the Night as the pilot episode for a six-part episodic series that he's hoping to produce in late 2016.

Also as part of Vivid Sydney 2016, AFTRS will host Speed Networking at AFTRS on June 2.