Another helping of It’s a Date?

20 February, 2014 by Don Groves

The ABC is looking to commission a second series of It’s a Date, the narrative comedy created by Peter Helliar.

Brendan Dahill, Head of Programming for ABC1 and ABC2, rates It’s a Date and Upper Middle Bogan as the broadcaster’s stand-out comedy hits of last year. The shows aired back-to-back on Thursday nights.


Gristmill Productions’ Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler are producing another eight episodes of Upper Middle Bogan.

Dahill says he is talking to the producers of It’s a Date, Princess Pictures, about a second series. The show explores the tension, expectation and complication of finding true love, with each episode following two self-contained dates as they head toward desire or disaster.

It had an all-star cast including Asher Keddie, Kate Ritchie, John Wood, Lisa McCune, Stephen Curry, Sibylla Budd, Shane Jacobson, Sophie Lowe, Nadine Garner, Pia Miranda and Helliar.

Helliar was lead writer with a team of Phil Lloyd, Jess Harris, Ryan Shelton, Justin Hamilton, Tony Moclair, Lawrence Mooney, Steven Gates and Kate Langbroek.








  • Lilian MacLean

    I’ve already asked the ABC if there are any plans for more of “It’s a Date”, and today received an Email from them professing to have no knowledge of another season. So what gives? Apparently the departments of the ABC don’t communicate with each other, given this article dated 20/2/14.
    Anyway, I absolutely loved the first series. It was head and shoulders above what usually passes for local drama/comedy, and, just like any good TV (or a good book, for that matter) left me wanting to know the fate of the characters. I bought the DVD, naturally – but I want MORE! Please convey my heartfelt admiration to the brilliant Peter Hellier.