Australian Screen Sound Guild awards announced

26 November, 2012 by Emily Blatchford

The Australian Sound Guild has announced the winners of the 2012 ASSG Awards.

Held yesterday at The Establishment Ballroom in Sydney, well over a hundred guests were in attendance.


The ASSG has reported this year saw a record number of nominations.

Roger Savage (Babe, Moulin Rouge, Mental) was honoured with the Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award, and in his acceptance speech spoke of the difficulties the industry is currently facing.

“The problem we all face is low budgets,” he said. “We need to adapt to this new environment. It’s not just in Australia, it’s global… What we need to do is adapt and change.

“It is a collaborative industry and I’d like to share (this award) with everyone associated with sound, both past and present.”

Best film sound mixing and best soundtrack both went to Killer Elite while Best Film Sound Design was awarded to Wish You Were Here.

The ASSG Members’ Choice Award for Best Sound, which is given to a project that the ASSG membership considers to demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement, was awarded to international hit The Sapphires.

A full list of winners can be found below.

Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award
Sponsored by Amber Technology

Beth Bezzina & Jean-Marc Serret

Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo
Sponsored by Sound Devices

AstraZeneca – “Underwater”
Mark Cornish, Raphael May

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film or Program
Sponsored by EdiCue from Sounds In Sync

The Adventures of Figaro Pho
Michael Darren, Tom Heuzenroeder, Adrian Medhurst, Sam Rogers, Russell Alexander, Luke Jurevicius

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film
Sponsored by AFTRS

William Ward, Jenny Ward, Jared Dwyer, Peter Climpson, Sam Hayward, John O'Connell, Eren Sener, John Simpson

Best Sound for a Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television Audio Program
Sponsored by Sumsound and CX

The Renovators (Series 1, Ep.1)
Cate Cahill

Best Film Sound Recording
Sponsored by Rycote for Syntec International, celebrating their 40th Year in the Industry
Burning Man
David Lee, Gerry Nucifora, Paradox Delilah

Best Film Sound Design
Sponsored by Fairlight and the new Fairlight I XSTREAM

Wish You Were Here
Brooke Trezise, Sam Petty, Paul Graham Huntingford, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Rosie Chase, Tom Heuzenroeder

Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement
Roger Savage

ASSG Members’ Choice Award
Sponsored by Trackdown

The Sapphires

Best Film Sound Mixing
Sponsored by StageOne Sound

Killer Elite
Peter Smith, Chris Goodes, Andrew Neil, Paul Pirola, Andy Wright

Best Sound for a Tele-Feature or Short Run Series
Sponsored by CDA ProAudio suppliers of Cedar Audio

The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab
Chris Goodes, Glenn Newnham, Adam Connelly, Mario Vaccaro, Marco Arlotta, John McKerrow, Nicky Robinson

Best Sound for a Television Drama
Sponsored by Lemac

Redfern Now – Pretty Boy Blue
Wes Chew, Sam Gain Emery, Mick Boraso, Luke Mynott, Blair Slater, Andrew Simmons, Duncan McAllister, Dan Johnston, Robert Mackenzie, Paul "Salty" Brincat, Shanti Burn, Ruth Vance.

Best Sound for a Documentary
Sponsored by the D900 Digital Wireless System from Sennheiser and Rastorder Production Carts

Dr. Sarmast’s Music School
Livia Ruzic, Keith Thomas, Dale Cornelius, Mark Ingram

Soundtrack of the Year
Sponsored by Avid

Killer Elite

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