Blinder posts dismal box office opening weekend

11 March, 2013 by Brendan Swift

The $5 million football drama Blinder has posted a dismal box office opening weekend of just $47,394.

Like cricket film Save Your Legs!, which last week posted a disappointing box office opening, the film was distributed too widely. The Aussie Rules footy film was shown on 99 screens giving it a screen average of just $478.


The film is about an ex-footballer who becomes embroiled in a scandal and returns to his hometown in order to clear his name and reignite an old flame. It was backed by AFL greats Glenn Archer, Adrian Gleeson and Sam Kekovich and distributed by new outfit Backlot Studios under a flat-fee structure where the producers pay for the promotional costs.

Cricket film Save Your Legs!, distributed by Madman Entertainment, also continued its underwhelming performance in its second weekend, posting $47,081 across 111 screens (screen average $424).

In contrast, only one film in the top 20 widespread releases posted a screen average under $1000 (Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away, in its third weekend, with $877 across 81 screens). At the top of the box office charts is Disney mega-hit Oz: The Great and Powerful, which grossed $4.77 million across 268 screens (screen average $17,812).

Later this week, the third Australian film of the year will be released: musical Goddess, starring Ronan Keating, which has the marketing power of Roadshow behind it.

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  • Evan

    Hi if,
    While it is delusional to talk things up if they are not going well, it also doesn’t help much to use strong words like ‘dismal’ box office, etc. If magazine often has negative headlines about Aussie films’ performances. Analysis about what went wrong, sure, suggestions for improved distribution/publicity/etc., but we don’t want to add to the (probably too widely-held) perception that Aussie films are just not worth the ticket price; not worth the risk of a try.
    Onward Aussie stories!

  • Jessica

    Until methods of marketing and publicizing Australian films changes, we will continue to see box office results like this.

    While I haven’t seen either film, I’m sure they weren’t as bad as their box office makes them out to be and plenty of average US films still manage to do ok in Australia.

  • Ryan

    Wow, I’ve heard of these two sport movies for quite a while. But I’ve never even heard of the musical Goddess until now, and it’s supposed to be out this week.

  • Dean

    Yes, dismal results for both films, Blinder and Save Your Legs, neither of which I’d want to see. Madman spent close to $1mil marketing Save Your Legs — in other words, no amount of money would have saved either of those films. Making an Aussie sports movie is just a bad idea, plain and simple.

    Hopefully Goddess fares a bit better, but I wouldn’t bet on it..

  • Jessica

    dismal films = dismal box office

  • Jayne

    All three of these Aussie films are only going to appeal to a small, specific, niche share of the potential audience & there is no amount of marketing dollars that can change that.

    Prior to release the target market would have been clearly defined, so perhaps these financial results are no surprise.

    Perhaps it will be a case of 3rd time lucky as this time the target audience is not just music lovers but most women 🙂