Christopher Atkins signs with Oz agent

16 January, 2014 by Don Groves

US actor-writer-producer Christopher Atkins has signed as a producer with Australia’s Ignite Elite Artists, which is developing more than two dozen film and TV projects with its clients.

Atkins is attached to several projects in Oz with Queensland-based producer Brenda Papworth. One is Lucky Valentine, a comedy/drama scripted by Marianne Patterson about an aging US baseballer who is traded to Australia, where he finds himself involved in a cricket team in a country town. The team aims to raise money to support a girl who is dying of cancer.


Rod Hardy is set to direct, according to Tony Bonner, who will play a supporting character and is producing with Papworth and Atkins. Bonner tells IF the film is being privately financed and the hope is to cast an A-list US actor as the lead.

While Atkins is best known for his breakthrough role with Brooke Shields in 1980’s The Blue Lagoon, he has appeared in about 100 independent films, telemovies and series and he was a regular in Dallas.

Last year he directed, wrote and starred in the indie movie The Storyteller, in which he plays an elderly man suffering from the ravages of his time in the Korean War.

Ignite Elite Artists director Michelle Horner tells IF the agency has formed a partnership with Atkins and Papworth. “Our goal is to promote and provide opportunities for actors and creatives at the highest level in Australia,” she said. “In doing so we will develop products that have greater global resonance."

Ignite represents producers, directors and writers. Horner says the firm is working on 25 feature films and four TV projects with its clients.

“We have been involved in productions for a while but only recently has the agency moved into representing across the board more officially,” she adds.








  • Chris Wingate

    Brilliant news- Atkins will bring a wealth of experience.

  • Daniel Lund

    …I have found that although the talents of an individual branded as a ” ACTOR” and rightly so, by training, talent, and entrenched desire to achieve has so much more to offer and contribute…… As with any labels, sometime it can be difficult to add more to it, Christopher
    Has been able to punch out more ‘stickers’ that continue his resume that we all can enjoy.
    I would like to have access to a greater body of Mr. Atkins work, but I think that the fact alone that he has remained in the acting / entertainment business for so many years and in so many projects bears proof to his credibility as a true professional.
    I hope that his upcoming project will meet with great success and reach the widest audience.
    BRAVO!!! Chris……..

  • buzz

    I think Chris Atkins should have been recast in the
    new “Dallas” TV show.

  • Peta Grose

    I can’t wait for Tony, Chris and Brenda to collaborate on this project, I have had the pleasure of reading through the treatment for Lucky Valentine and it will be an awesome Aussie film to supersede Crocodile Dundee.