Director, cast and crew to take One Shot

10 August, 2014 by Don Groves

More than 80 actors, 15 writers and 50 crew members have agreed to participate in Project One Shot, an innovative short film that will be filmed in one single take on the Gold Coast on September 3.

As well as contributing their time and services, most have agreed to each donate $100 to fund the project, the brainchild of experienced assistant director Darwin Brooks.


Brooks will direct and produce the short as a single 15-minute Steadicam shot which will follow actors Ian Stenlake and John Batchelor, both Sea Patrol alumni, as they thread their way through 30 interconnecting mini scenes, linked to one overall, comedic story, at Sanctuary Cove. There will be no pick-ups.

Among the other on-camera talent involved will be Brisbane Channel 7 presenter Liz Cantor, Joss Mcwilliam (Water Rats, Flying Doctors) and last year’s Big Brother housemate Ben Zabel,

Cast and crew will be required to rehearse many times with and without the camera to commit to memory every beat, twist and turn of the shot.

Director of photography Ross Giardina will work with Steadicam operator Gary Collins. The crew also will consist of sound technicians, make-up artists, assistant directors, traffic control officers, stunt co-ordinators, and costume and set designers.

“One Shot is going to be a lot of fun and a massive challenge,” Brooks told IF. His credits include Tim Winton’s The Turning, The Great Gatsby, Charlie's Farm, The Suicide Theory, 47 Ronin, The Railway Man, Australia, Prince of Persia, Syriana, Alexander and Peter Pan.

He’s directed short films including Revolving Doors, which featured Stenlake and Jack Finsterer, and Long Shadows, which starred McWilliam.

After completion Project One Shot will be submitted to international film festivals.