Fast laughs in new online comedy

19 August, 2014 by Wendy Wong

Warren and Hal. 


A new Aussie comedy and mini-series, Warren and Hal, is delivering fast laughs to audiences online.

Filmed in Melbourne, the series follows Warren and Hal, two deluded ‘marketing magicians’ who go to absurd lengths to keep their struggling business afloat. Their adventures, full of slapstick comedy, leads them to wild drinking sessions in their local dive, outing gay clients, golfing with Nazis and filing for bankruptcy. Convinced they are visionaries, Warren and Hal are bent on changing the media landscape in the most ridiculous ways possible.

If the media kit for their fictional marketing company is anything to go by (delivered to the IF office, the kit was unfortunately inaccessible due to the fact it was saved onto a floppy disk), Warren and Hal are going to need all the help they can get.

Warren and Hal features comedy performers and writers Nick Maxwell and Jason Marion, best known for their TV writing credits and comedic performances, in collaboration with filmmakers Colin and Cameron Cairnes of 100 Bloody Acres fame.

In 2013, the four created a pilot together that led to accolades and funding from Screen Australia. Amidst an accelerated writing and shooting process, the team managed to gather a small but talented film crew which includes the likes of Director of Photography, John Brawley (Offspring, Puberty Blues) and composer Glenn Richards (Augie March).

The series also features performances from comic duo Fahey Younger and Linda Haggar (Miss Itchy) who play Warren and Hal’s mute secretary Doris and abusive accountant Gerri. Keith Brockett plays Chow, Warren and Hal’s drinking buddy and longtime friend.

The comedy is currently slated for six episodes, each of which running for less than six minutes. The first three episodes and extra content are currently available on the official YouTube channel.