Jar Dwellers SOS premieres on Eleven

22 November, 2013 by Press Release

Music and Effects, Melbourne’s boutique sound post-production facility is pleased to announce that Jar Dwellers SOS, the wonderful animated series they have been working on this year is launching on Saturday November 23 at 8am on Channel Eleven. Music and Effects will be hosting a launch party for the first show utilising their new upgraded projector in the studio’s cinema-sized theatre.

Jar Dwellers SOS is an International Co-production between Viskatoons Animations (Melbourne-based), Groupe PVP (Canada) and Pipeline Studios (Columbia). It is a 24 x half hour children’s comedy series directed by Peter Viska and written by a team of talented writers including Chris Anastassiades.


Doron Kipen, owner of Music and Effects said that he was, “delighted to be involved in such an entertaining children’s series. The characters are accessible and relevant to a child’s world and the show, while being fun and full of the joy of discovery, also has revealing truths about human nature that kids will understand…. including the stupidity of adults!” He added that the series was unusual because it has “scientific learning at the heart of it but that the lessons learned are not patronising.”

Music and Effects has had a long history of working with Peter Viska, starting with the 1998 iconic children’s animation series Li’l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers. Doron described Peter Viska as “a true creative, whose tenacity as a producer, animator, writer and director has not diminished his sense of fun.” Brendan Croxon, who has been project managing the audio post-production as well as FX editing added: “The cast of Australian actors play a raft of quirky and cheeky characters and we have really enjoyed recording their voices for the animation.” The cast are: Leah Vandenberg, Fabian Lapham, James Pidgeon, Peter Kent, James Shaw and David Cotter.

About Jar Dwellers SOS

Two siblings, Sophie and David, discover and release three amazing creatures from special science jars hand made by famous naturalist Albert Derwent. Ooble, Crunch and Barka are not ready for repatriation so Sophie, with the help of Derwent’s Big Book, introduces them to her “Survival of Species” program. They learn to avoid Professor Van Riceberger, his Jar Trackers and his assistant Chang. The creatures have no plans to return home.

They are out and there is no going back.

The trailer is here: http://www.viskatoons.com/work/jar-dwellers-sos/