Lawrence Johnston’s Night to be released in US with new strategy

04 February, 2013 by IF

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February 6 will finally see the release of Lawrence Johnston’s 2007 feature NIGHT in North America.  The release comes thanks to a negotiation between Sydney based International Sales Agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment and Mousetrap Films.



Six years after receiving praise at the Toronto International Film Festival NIGHT is to be released in 25 theatres, across 15 cities on one night, featuring in Mousetrap Film’s Film Festival Flix campaign. The film will simultaneously be released on DVD, Cable Video on Demand, all leading digital transactional platforms and Mousetraps own, as well DVD, Digital platforms, VOD and Cable TV.


“We are very excited that NIGHT will finally be seen in cinemas in the U.S.” says Producer Lizzette Atkins. “Both Lawrence and I set out to make a film that was an aural and visual experience that would stand the test of time  – we feel the release of NIGHT in America justifies our ambitions.”


“Australian films being exposed on the international stage, particularly in North America is integral to our continued work as filmmakers and film financing,” notes the film’s director Lawrence Johnston.


Financed by the Film Finance Corporation of Australia, Film Victoria and SBS Independent, NIGHT was released in Australia & New Zealand through DENDY/ICON and is currently available on DVD.


NIGHT was acclaimed by critics as ‘ a magical mystery tour into the nocturnal’1, ‘breathtaking’… ‘magic’… ‘sublime’, ….’ think of it as a glorious Australian version of Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi5… “one of the most interesting, unusual and connective films of recent times.” Internationally renowned composer Cezary Skubiszewski wrote the seminal score for NIGHT, which was recognized by the International Film Music Critics Association.


Lawrence Johnston has just completed his next outing, the feature documentary 'FALLOUT', based on British novelist Nevil Shute’s “On The Beach” and the Hollywood film made in Australia with Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck in 1959. It will be released later this year.