Memorial service to be held for Andrew Plain

18 February, 2014 by Staff Writer

A memorial service will be held for the late Andrew Plain this Saturday, 22 February 2014. 

Andrew, a respected sound supervisor within the industry, passed away on December 13 last year after losing his battle with cancer. 


His esteemed career included highlights like “The Sapphires”, “Oranges and Sunshine” and “Knowing” amongst many other acclaimed projects.

The memorial will be held at 4pm at Cinema 7 at Hoyts EQ, Lang Rd, Moore Park.

Speakers will include family members and industry colleagues, and there will be a short film screened containing interviews with filmmakers about Andrew's work.

Following the memorial service there will be drinks and refreshments served at Spectrum Films.

Everyone is welcome to attend.








  • Trish FitzSImons

    I won’t be there Saturday, but I will surely be thinking of you and of him.Andrew was an inspirational sound teacher for me at AFTRS in 1989/1990. I think if I went on a search I would still find the book with the handwritten notes that I took from that masterclass, and certainly I drew on those notes for many years in teaching and in practice.

    I recall that in about 2004, when we were first looking for a head for the Griffith Film School, and wanted an ‘outsider’ Andrew’s name popped into my head as being perfect. I THINK I communicated this to him, I don’t think he applied….In some ways it would have been outside his usual field of work, but Andrew was the kind of bloke one felt could do a good job in anything he took on seriously.

    He will be much missed by us all, not just Adrienne and his kids,