Overtime to open St Kilda Film Festival

04 May, 2016 by Staff Writer

Overtime – Official Trailer from Craig D. Foster .


Sydney-based short horror/comedy film Overtime is set to open the 33rd St Kilda Film Festival.

Overtime was one of the final films supported by the NSW screen resource centre Metro Screen before the organisation was forced to close due to funding cuts late in 2015.

Filmmakers Emma McKenna (producer/writer/editor) and Craig D. Foster (director/writer/producer) said they were very proud that their film was able to represent the legacy of what was a great organisation. 

“To be able to represent Metro Screen on opening night of the St Kilda Film Festival is a great honour and I hope it showcases the value that such organisations bring to the Australian film industry in their support of emerging filmmakers” said McKenna.

Overtime is an 8-minute film about a meek accountant, Ralph, who is forced to work overtime on the night of a full moon – which poses him a rather significant problem, given that he is also a werewolf.

The film was inspired by the work of comedy/horror geniuses Edgar Wright and Sam Raimi. 

Director Craig D. Foster said he fought very hard to get his ambitious vision onto the screen. 

“What I love about the great horror/comedies is that they so perfectly mix real levity with real horror and dread," he said. 

"It makes such a great audience experience, so it was important to me that the comedy didn’t undermine or parody the dark elements of the film. It had to be genuinely scary and funny at the same time.”

Aaron Glenane, who recently starred in mini-series, Molly, as Mushroom Records founder Michael Gudinski, plays the lead role of Ralph. 

Foster said he to push back the production schedule significantly in order to work with Aaron’s schedule. 

"I just couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role, he embodied Ralph so perfectly,” he said. 

The special effects make-up house Odd Studio, lead by industry veterans Damian Martin and Adam Johansen, designed and executed Glenane's stunning gradual transformation into a wolf beast. 

Earlier this year Martin accepted both a BAFTA and an Academy Award on behalf of his team for their work on Mad Max: Fury Road

McKenna said Martin and Johansen's talent was only matched by their generosity and support. 

"We just feel so lucky to have had them on board.”

Overtime also stars Adam Dunn, Ainslie Clouston and Arka Das. 

It screens three times at the St Kilda Film Festival: 7.30pm May 19, 12.30pm and 9.30pm May 21.