Red Dog’s Koko wins acting award

15 February, 2012 by Danii Logue

Red Dog has continued its winning streak with its canine star, Koko, taking out the award for Best Dog in a Foreign Film at the Golden Collar Awards in Los Angeles.

Red Dog, the story of the Pilbara wanderer, was both a critical and box office success, picking up seven IF Awards including Best Feature and Best Actor for Koko’s human co-star, Josh Lucas, though this is the first nomination and award for the kelpie.


The film’s producer Nelson Woss (Ned Kelly) said: “This win has cemented Koko’s status as cinema’s top dog. I am very proud that Koko has finally won an acting award, which recognises his terrific performance and contribution to the film.”

This award is just the latest in international recognition for the film, which has screened at film festivals all over the world, from Berlin to Busan, and which, in October, took out the $100,000 Grand Prize for Best Dramatic Feature at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis.

Koko wasn’t present at the awards ceremony, which took place in Los Angeles on Monday evening (February 13), but the film’s writer, Daniel Taplitz, was on hand to accept the award on his behalf.

The highest grossing Australian film of 2011 and the eighth highest grossing of all time, Red Dog will be released in UK cinemas on February 24 with an American release scheduled for later in 2012. The film, directed by Kriv Stenders, grossed more than $21 million in Australia.








  • Warwick Field

    Let’s not forget to mention and congratulate Koko’s trainer, Luke Hura who was responsible for Koko’s performance and training in Red Dog.

  • congrats kriv h

    congrats,kriv,from we distant relos in brisbane. we are very proud of you! co-incidentally,I(hilary)often sat opposite your dad on the Carina bus going to school in the days when Grammar girls were forbidden to talk to boys! My best friend at secondary school was Robyn West who was your mums best friend at primary school,I met a Latvian,George,in a mining town,Mt.Isa,our youngest son Justin,who is an actor who has been in approx.15 films ,docos,ads etc.,went to Ryde Horticultural Tafe,Syd.,was noticed by alady who worked in the office. She phoned me as she knows your uncl Pe,Imanta Ikstrums from Seattle and thought we might be related-as we are! We only go to the movies approx. once in 5 years or so and happened tochoose your movie. when i saw your name at the end I was so excited,i said out loudly”Kriv Stenders,thats our cousin”! Just to add to the co-incidental mix, george and i met at the Mt.Isa Acting (Theatrical),Club,AND!!!, we have a Kelpie whose mum is red, and our last Kelpies mum was too! Just thought I`d make your day! P.S., our other son’s name is Kris, one letter from Kriv.and my nanna was Anna! as is your sister. I almost married an architect before George,who studied with your Dad! My French teacher’s name at school was Mme.Stenders!Our daughter’s name is Elke,-that probably fits in somewhere in thestory.Keep up the exellent work,Kriv,and say’Hello’ to your Mum for us-we had a good chat a couple of times many years ago .Appologies for the errors-am only new to a computer..