Screen Aus releases draft games and multi-platform funding guidelines

15 February, 2013 by Brendan Swift

Screen Australia has released draft guidelines which outline how it will spend $30 million allocated to the interactive games and multi-platform screen sector.

The draft guidelines (which are open for comment until March 1) also cover the Federal Government's recently announced $20 million Interactive Games Fund.


“Games are growing faster than any other entertainment sector and Australian developers have had extraordinary global cut through as demonstrated by the success of home-grown games such as Real Racing, Fruit Ninja and LA Noire,” Screen Australia chief operating officer, Fiona Cameron, said in a statement.

"The pressure facing the industry is job migration and falling foreign investment. These programs released in draft today go a long way towards realising a strong and sustainable Australian games development sector, to ensure we tap into the huge global appetite for interactive entertainment.”

The funding plan for the first 12 months will result in:

  • $4–5 million allocated to Games Production (supporting games developers to produce individual games);
  • $2–3 million allocated to Games Enterprise (supporting games development businesses to develop and enhance their sustainability, as well as fund ongoing development of their games projects);
  • $2–3 million allocated to Multi-platform Drama Production (supporting individual multi-platform drama projects including innovative broadcast and online projects; targeted funds will also support multi-platform extensions for appropriate Screen Australia–funded film and television projects);
  • up to $2 million allocated to Signature Documentary (expanded with an additional $500,000 to incorporate interactive and multi-platform projects as well as distinctive linear projects, supporting bold documentary storytelling for online and mobile platforms as well as big-screen film festivals);
  • and approximately $400,000 for sector development and special initiatives.

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