Screen Aus runs out of money, no production funding until mid-2013

19 December, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Screen Australia has committed its entire annual $42 million budget for drama production in just over six months.

The government agency's spending spree is another blow to the struggling screen industry and threatens to create a production lull in the second half of 2013.


Screen Australia said it was “unfortunate” it was now in this position but “the pressure on Screen Australia production funds in the lead-up to the 14 December 2012 board meeting was extremely high, with an unprecedented number of quality feature film and television projects seeking support”.

Combined with its anticipated funding decisions at the February 2013 board meeting (that funding round has previously closed), the agency will not accept production funding applications ahead of its April 2013 board meeting and there will not be a television round at its May 2013 board meeting.

While the agency will consider feature film and television funding applications ahead of its June 2013 board meeting, funding decisions "will be limited and will depend on funds previously committed to lapsed projects becoming available."

"Screen Australia is aware that this news will be disruptive for some producers. It is very unfortunate that we are in this position; however, please stay in touch with your investment manager as your project progresses," the agency said.

Documentary funding remains unaffected.

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  • Cody

    So this mean ‘assessors’ will not be needed and presumably their wages will go to productions?

  • Eddie10

    No problem and an easy solution. Just throw a stick and start sacking a whole lot of the dead-wood hiding in the government agencies, Australia-wide.
    The taxpayers are spending tens of millions of dollars in administration costs and overhead with not-a-lot to show for it. They are top-heavy and their running costs compare with any of the major Hollywood studios!

    Start at the very top where their leader gets more than the Prime Minister! (How can this be??) Then move on down the list. Then give the saved money back to the people in the field-the filmmakers themselves.

  • Chrissy

    Any word as to whether the multi-platform funding is affected?

  • Jessica

    Cody for the win 🙂

  • Jessica

    Any other government agency would be sacked for this. I’m wondering if anyone will be held accountable? Interesting to see the “usual suspects” still received funding before there was nothing left….

  • Jack

    It is ridiculous and scandalous the amount of taxpayer money spent on seat warmers in government funded arts organisations whether opera, ballet, theatre, film or TV. Leading commercial entertainment companies are able to run with a handful of employees and yet the taxpayer funded groups have whole floors or buildings filled with the useless who are there because they’re there because they’re there.

  • Nicky

    @Chrissy I was wondering the same thing. I sent them an email but probably won’t hear back till after the Christmas / New Year break.

    @Jessica agreed.

  • Adrien Q. Seffrin

    I’m sure a reduction in size and location of the Screen Australia offices would save a few bucks.

  • Here cash no.

    This is not funny but all I can think on reading it is the time as a 6 or 7 year old buy being told I could spend the money I was given as I wished and have the first toy I liked now or wait until seeing what else might be around in the future. Being an idiot of course I got the instant and short lived reward accordingly. Thanks ma , ya wierdo.

  • Bennie

    Firstly where has 42million gone??? what productions has it gone to…i think we would all like to have a look at the breakdown on this…once agin has have screwed us all in the arse…when are you going to get proffessionals on board that are working for the film industry and not just to fill your own pockets up with cash…
    Thanks a lot another fucked year for the film indusrty….

  • bill

    to many self important wankers in the film industry these days.
    i would love to know where the money went.