Second series of The Doctor Blake Mysteries in development

28 February, 2013 by IF

A second series of ABC TV hit series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, is currently in development.

The 10-part murder mystery series, produced by December Media, follows maverick country town doctor Lucien Blake, played by Craig McLachlan, in 1950s Australia.


The first episode premiered in February with a national audience of 1.8 million and has achieved a five-city series average of 1.2 million according to OzTAM metro consolidated data and RegionalTAM data quoted by ABC TV. The series has also attracted a total of 160,000 plays on ABC iview across four episodes.

In a statement announcing the second series, McLachlan said: “I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am to be traveling back to late 50's Ballarat for another round of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for tuning in.”

December Media’s head of drama and series creator, George Adams, said: “The audience response to the show has been overwhelming and we are delighted ABC TV want more. Tony Wright and I are beyond pleased the show has found such a loyal following so quickly. The show has been blessed with wonderful stories, a great cast, a tremendous crew and memorable locations. All of these elements plus Craig McLachlan’s finely-tuned performance as Doctor Lucien Blake have helped create a classic murder mystery series for a Friday evening on the ABC.”








  • Sue Wood

    The Doctor Blake Mysteries is by far and away the best drama on television and easily the best Australian production I’ve seen. Congratulations to ABC television for commissioning another series. Long may it run!

  • Tricia

    So pleased to hear there will be a second series. I have so enjoyed this program and Craig McLachlan as Dr Lucien Blake is fantastic.

  • Angela Kennedy

    I am delighted to hear that a second series of ‘Doctor Blake Mysteries’ is being made. The performance of Craig Mclachlan has been out of the ordinary. a pleasure to watch and enjoy. Well done ABC.

  • Bernadette

    What a wonderful Australian production. All the cast perform beautifully, especially Craig McLachlan as Doctor Blake. Well-written episodes and the open-ended final in series one are certain to generate even more audience anticipation. Congratulations and more please!

  • Baiba

    The Dr Blake mysteries are fabulous. It gives us a wonderful insight into life and attitudes in the 50’s and am very excited to hear that there is a second season to look forward to.

  • Kerry

    Yay!I’m so glad a further series of this will be made. I love all the characters and its a wonderfully made show in every way. I look forward to it.

  • Lola

    Hooray, can not wait for my Friday night fix of Dr Blake. When is it due to start?

  • Lynne

    Really looking forward to the second series. Great Australian show.

  • Sheryl

    Cant wait for the second series to start. A great Australian production . Craig McLachlan is brilliant as Dr Blake

  • Heather

    I am really pleased that the second series of Dr Blake is returning to the ABC and I am looking forward to watching it. All the actors and actresses and especially Craig McLachlan are really great. It is also good to see John Wood back on television again too.

  • Robyn Kampf

    How exciting. I am still thinking about the first series and, as an old Ballarat girl myself, I absolutely love looking out for familiar sites as do my parents, as we lived there in the 1050’s. Craig McLachlan is amazing as Dr. Blake. Excellent scripts and superb casting make this a must watch program.

  • Carina Raeburn

    Oh so love the show bought season 1 on DVD just finished watching all 10 again ocer last couple of weeks then will start again in a week or so to watch fresh again.
    Timeless show look forward to more. In the sense of Morse, Lewis and similar show just got that timeless essence. Can watch over and over and good seeing days and memories of that period.
    Craig does the role so well as do all the cast

  • Mr S Hall

    Just had to say how much Craig McLachian has mutured as an actor. My wife and I loved the first series and look forward to the watching series 2 here in the UK

  • Jenny

    Have just watched the brilliant 10 episodes of Doctor Blake. PLEASE send us, in England, some more. Thanks

  • Gill George

    I have just finished the first series, and thoroughly enjoyed the Dr Blake Mysteries. Hopefully the BBC will will pick up any future series. Look forward in anticipation.

  • Lynne Caddick

    Congratulations on the first series of Dr. Blake Mysteries. Really enjoyed watching it from the UK and look forward to seeing the 2nd Series,

  • Andrew Machin

    I hope that we can see Dr Blake mysterys in Britain.
    It is one of the finest Australian dramas I have seen.
    I hope you go and make many more Dr Blake mysterys.
    The actors are all brilliant.
    Andrew Machin.

  • fiona Campbell

    10 Brilliant Episodes …Craig McLachlan was fantastic as Dr Lucien Blake. Cant wait for Series 2

  • Elizabeth

    Really enjoyed Dr Blake mysteries glad they are making a second series

  • Trisha Peeters

    Have really enjoyed watching Dr Blake Mysteries on BBC from Guernsey, Channel Islands. Pleased to hear we will be getting second series.

  • Kevin Chaffey

    I have just watched the final episode of the first series and like the other episodes it was terrific.

  • diane ainsworth

    Just watched the first series on BBC1 in the UK.
    PLEASE – we need the 2nd series. Great cast/characters and stories.

  • Abigail

    I have just finished watching the first series of Doctor Blake and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring on some more asap, I can’t wait for the next series!!

  • Tony Taylor

    Can’t wait for next series that’s if BBC 1 in Britain pick it up I enjoyed every moment of it, some great story lines, I never realised that it was Craig playing DR Blake
    last time I saw him was in the early 90’s in London playing
    Danny from Grease with Debbie Gibson doesn’t seem that long since he had his Shirt off in Neighbours only had this series Nov DEC 2013 so how long we will have to wait I do not know,
    I love everything about OZ never been there but from the age of 5 when my mum said they had Christmas dinner on the beach i wanted to go, as I hate the cold and snow, but was very unlucky broke my back now in a wheelchair so can never go out there to far for me on a plane, 🙁 so just have to watch the programmes,

  • Maggie

    I came across this series by chance when looking at catch TV on my computer. So enjoyed the mysteries I purchased the DVD now I can watch them again. So happy to hear that there will be a second series, as thoroughly enjoyed the first. BBC should put this on Prime time TV for more people to see and not hide it away on daytime television.

  • Jessica

    Brilliant series with brilliant actors great chemistry

  • Frederick

    The best show on TV keep them coming, PLEASE.

  • Bernie

    What a fabulous series! Has to be some of Craig’s finest work. He morphs beautifully into Lucien Blake – you forget he’s really Craig. A fine cast too. Nadine’s fantastic in everything she does.

  • Marilyn

    So enjoyed this first series set in Australja in the 50’s. Can you please let me know when we can expect series 2 in the UK

  • Leyan

    As an Aussie living in the UK I am SO, SO very proud of Craig – I was never a fan of his when he was younger, but, WOW, look what’s happened … like a fine wine, he has matured with grace, ‘flavour’ and aplomb and he is, surely, one of our best (ever!) actors. I’m certain he could even out-class/out-act the beautiful Hugh Jackman!! Craig’s talent is exceptional (and I’m proud of the fact that he’s also an ‘Aussie’). The series is FANTASTIC and I encourage everyone I know here in England to watch it (I’m always going-on and on about it). Congratulations to cast and crew and well done ABC!!!

  • Isabel fatmi

    Love this program can’t wait for the next series keep it comming great acting

  • Kay

    Love DBMM, only have one query re episode shown on Friday 13th March, the opening scene shows an actress in her dressing room using a mascara wand, were these around in the 1950’s? I still remember in the late 60s early 70s using a brush.

  • Maria Wilson

    Loved the first series can’t wait for second. All cast members are amazing. Great Aussie production.