Singularity: further filming taking place in the UK

18 June, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Troubled Australian-UK co-production Singularity looks set to be completed with further filming currently taking place in the UK.

The Australian company behind the $28 million production, which was directed by Oscar-nominated Roland Joffé and starred Josh Hartnett and Bipasha Basu, was placed into liquidation late last year owing millions to creditors.


However, creditors are now expected to receive 100c in the dollar – totalling approximately $1.5 million – after the film’s financier, Corsan, agreed to put further money into the production.

Queensland-based Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accountants is ensuring that all claims are bone fide before creditors receive payments, which is expected to occur within the next several weeks.

“There seems to be a path that has basically been agreed to by all the relative parties to see this come to a conclusion,” Contrarian Tax Unit’s Brett Thornquest, who is assisting the administrators, said.

Corsan has continued to make new deals in recent months, announcing at the Cannes Film Festival that it would produce and finance Third Person from two-time Oscar-winner Paul Haggis, while its slate also includes Killing Season, starring Robert de Niro and John Travolta.