US version of The Strange Calls beckons

09 October, 2013 by Don Groves

The US network ABC looks highly likely to shoot a pilot based on the quirky Australian comedy series The Strange Calls.

The network has ordered a pilot based on the show which was created and directed by Daley Pearson for Hoodlum Entertainment for ABC2.


The only proviso is that the network must first approve the cast being assembled by director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), producer Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment and the showrunner Donick Cary, according to

Cary has completed the script for the pilot based on Pearson’s script. Hoodlum Entertainment’s Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield will serve as executive producers with Kaplan and Cary.

The pilot will start shooting as soon as the network approves the cast. The US show, which has the working title Strange Calls, will switch the location to Nantucket island, where bumbling cop Toby Banks is called on to investigate strange, unexplainable occurrences.

He teams up with Gregor, the eccentric lighthouse keeper and local paranormal authority, to form an unlikely crime fighting duo dealing with the “strange calls” that the station receives each night.

The Australian show premieres on the US streaming service Hulu on October 19. Barry Crocker played Gregor with Toby Truslove as Toby Banks.