Volare Pictures options film rights to fantasy trilogy CHILDREN OF THE BLACK SUN

22 February, 2013 by IF

Press Release from Volare Pictures

Volare Pictures has optioned the film rights to Jo Spurrier's highly acclaimed fantasy trilogy, CHILDREN OF THE BLACK SUN.


The first installment, WINTER BE MY SHIELD is the story of a young woman fleeing an evil sorcerer who finds shelter with a band of fugitives. They must destroy the sorcerer if they are to survive, but only one man can help them – his sadistic apprentice, sent to hunt them down.
The deal was negotiated by 25-year-old Australian producer Kane Guglielmi on behalf of his very own Volare Pictures, and Lyn Tranter on behalf of Jo Spurrier.

Volare Pictures films include the (currently in development) remake of the 1974 Michael Caine/Anthony Quinn/James Mason thriller THE MARSEILLE CONTRACT.

Jo Spurrier is represented by Writers House.