Tony Abbott's removal has coincided with the demise of Home and Away's Denny to lift streaming service PLUS7 to its strongest day of the year with 4.7 million minutes.

The recorded spike on September 16 was mainly driven by the political storm in Canberra as #libspill dominated news.

The change in leadership contributed to a significant increase in engagement across the Yahoo7 network, driving a 25 per cent increase in streams for Sunrise and 7News week on week.

The record was helped by Home and Away's latest story arc, which saw short-form video streams increase by more than 279 per cent following the death of audience-favourite, Denny. 

The unexpected demise of Denny came as a shock to viewers, pushing short-form video views for September to a massive 414,899 streams.

Cora Spear, Head of TV & Global Content at Yahoo7 said it was a big week in TV, which was reflected on Yahoo7 with record audiences heading to PLUS7.

"We saw consistently high figures across news and entertainment from breaking political news to Aussie dramas, including Seven's fantastic new programs which premiered last week," she said.

According to a company statement, PLUS7 is continuing to see increases in video streams thanks to the launch of new Channel 7 programming including Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, 800 Words, The Chase and What Really Happens in Thailand. 

7Live is set to launch on 1 December with 24/7 live streaming of all Channel 7 programming.

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