Kids will soon be getting another dose of ABC3 series Stay Tuned after the popular show was commissioned for a second season.

The interactive music show, aimed at the 10-15-year-old market, is produced by Sydney production company The Feds and shooting began last week.

The series, which this time will be fully-funded by the public broadcaster, will again be hosted by actor Joel Phillips (Home And Away) and singer/dancer Nicole Singh.

The show's hosts/bloggers attempt to answer viewer questions (submitted via the show’s website) by interviewing several Australian and international artists and relevant music industry people.

“The questions are getting more and more clever – like 'how do you match music with lyrics?' and 'how many decibels do you need to blow up a speaker?',” executive producer Lisa Gray said. “It’s going to be a little crazier – more Mighty Boosh and Monty Python-esque.”

Artists who appeared last year included Ke$ha, 30 Seconds To Mars and Art Vs Science.

“The bands are totally on board to do something a bit different. So many different artists are coming to town so we’re aiming to get a good range like we did last time,” Gray said.

Series one is currently playing on Qantas in-flight entertainment and ABC Commercial is looking at selling the format overseas.

“We’re really excited to get an opportunity to make it better. It’s like a relationship that’s grown – with the artists, with the show, with the ABC (and) with the audience,” Gray said.

“And now that the kids are believing that their questions are going to get answered, we’re just getting more and more.”

By commissioning the new interactive 30-part multiplatform series, ABC3 will be looking to build on its already highly-successful online presence.

Stay Tuned series two will air on ABC3 later this year.