Press release from the ABC:

The ABC today launched The Drum (, a new multi-media online destination for up-to-the-minute analysis and views on each day’s topical issues and questions. 

The Drum will bring together intelligent commentary and analysis from some of the ABC’s most experienced journalists and writers, as well as offering provocative opinion written by leading commentators.  The Drum also invites readers to contribute comments and be part of the conversation on topics as diverse as politics, finance, business and economics, sport, media, religion, science and social issues.

The Drum will be edited by Jonathan Green, who brings extensive journalistic experience from his long career at The Age, and his recent editorial post at Crikey.  The new site draws on some of the ABC’s most trusted and highly regarded talent to provide commentary and analysis on current issues and news events. 

The ABC’s new Chief Political Writer Annabel Crabb will spearhead The Drum’s daily offerings alongside regular contribution from a stable of writers including ABC Radio National’s Breakfast presenter Fran Kelly, Media Watch presenter Jonathan Holmes and broadcaster and writer Marieke Hardy. ABC Radio’s AM host Tony Eastley will also contribute to the website, alongside The 7.30 Report’s Political Editor, Chris Uhlmann, ABC2’s News Breakfast presenter Virginia Trioli and for politics and sport, Insiders and Offsiders’ host, Barrie Cassidy. 

Queensland’s 612 ABC Brisbane Mornings presenter Madonna King will also feature.  Popular ABC Blogs from Leigh Sales, Mark Colvin and other senior ABC staff will also be found on The Drum.

In addition to the daily column, The Drum will offer reactive analysis to events as news breaks.  It will feature insights from senior journalists across the ABC in reaction to emerging events across the day.

The ABC’s existing opinion site, Unleashed, will now form part of The Drum, and continue to present diverse and robust opinion from some of the country’s leading thinkers and writers.

The Drum will also point to newsworthy and thought-provoking pieces published across the web, including international perspectives on recent issues and events in Australia and around the world.

This ‘must-read‘ online destination also invites readers to think about the issues of the day and have their say via the ‘Comments’ section, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Or, if they really want to make some noise, users can submit a video comment to ‘The Soapbox’.    The new website also features videos, blogs and opinion polls that capture what the community thinks.

For the best online offering for analysis, commentary and discussion when news breaks, The Drum will be making the loudest noise.

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