ABC presents one hour special on Cyclone Yasi

03 February, 2011 by IF

Press release from ABC

Tonight an ABC News Special from 7pm (AEDT) on ABC1* and ABC News 24.


Hosted by Ali Moore and Joe O’Brien, the one hour special will provide the latest news and information on Cyclone Yasi, with comprehensive coverage from ABC reporters in Queensland’s affected areas.

This special will replace local state 7pm TV News bulletins (except in WA) and The 7.30 Report. There will also be no Lateline Business program on ABC1 and ABC News 24.



One hour national news special from 7pm – 8pm, then scheduled programming. Rolling news coverage after Lateline until around midnight.

SA: One hour national news special from 7pm – 8pm local time.

QLD: News special on at 6pm – 7pm local time, then a local one-hour Queensland news special from 7pm-8pm local time.

NT: News special from 6pm – 7pm local time, and then the Queensland news special on delay from 7pm – 8pm local time, followed by scheduled programming. No Lateline – replaced with live rolling news coverage.

WA: Local one hour news bulletin at 7pm local time, and then normal programming, and at 10.30pm local time there will be no Lateline and replaced with live rolling news coverage from ABC NEWS 24.


The national news special live at 7pm (AEDT), followed by the Queensland one hour news special live at 8pm.

Lateline will be live at 10.30pm followed by rolling coverage of the cyclone and other major news for the rest of the evening.

*South Australian viewers will see the news special 7pm local time. Scheduled programming from 8pm. Rolling news coverage from 10.30pm.