ACS awards to Touch and ANZAC Girls

04 November, 2014 by Don Groves

Touch and ANZAC Girls have won key prizes at the 2014 Australian Cinematographers Society awards for South Australia and Western Australia.

Aaron Gully took the best cinema feature award for Touch, a mystery starring Leeanna Walsman, Matt Day and newcomer Onor Nottle, produced by Triptych Pictures’ Julie Byrne and directed by Christopher Houghton.


The best telefeature, series, TV drama or comedy trophy went to Geoffrey Hall ACS for episode four of Screentime’s ANZAC Girls. Hall also collected the Milton Ingerson award for best entry overall.

Jim Frater ACS took the dual prize for best dramatised documentary for The War That Changed Us episode 1 and for Desert War- Alamein, both produced by Electric Pictures’ Andrew Ogilvie.

Here is the full list of winners:

Student Cinematography

GOLD: Jordan Agutter ~ The Crane Wife ~ SA

SILVER: Caroline Fisher ~ Source to Sea ~ SA

BRONZE: Molly O’Connor ~ Damsels ~ SA

Experimental & Specialised

GOLD: Malcolm Ludgate ACS ~ Drift Dive ~ SA

SILVER: Malcolm Ludgate ACS ~ Free Dive ~ SA

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks/Promos

SILVER: 101 Lee Ali ~ East Foreign Language ~ WA

Music Clips

GOLD: Scott Summers ~ Willow Beats “Merewif” ~ WA

GOLD: Nima Nabilirad ~ Milan “Promises” ~ SA

GOLD: Nima Nabilirad ~ Domino “Caravan” ~ SA

SILVER: David Gregan ~ The Germein Sisters “Golden” ~ SA

SILVER: Nima Nabilirad ~ Adam Rickfors “Someone Like You” ~ SA

BRONZE: Nima Nabilirad ~ Tigerilla “Coming Home” ~ SA

Syd Wood ACS Local/Regional News

SILVER: Reginald Bradshaw ~ Bangor Fire ~ SA

SILVER: Paul Martino ~ Fire Flashover ~ SA

BRONZE: Andrew Foote ~ March Rally ~ SA

Neil Davis International News

GOLD: Daniel Soekov ACS ~ Fiji Sugar ~ SA

SILVER: Brant Cumming ~ Bangkok Defiance ~ SA

BRONZE: Grant Marshall ~ City of Adelaide ~ SA

Current Affiars

GOLD: Lee Ali ~ 101 East, Stray Bullets ~ WA

GOLD: Lee Ali ~ 101 East, Nepal Slave Girls ~ WA

SILVER: Daniel Soekov ACS ~ Tuvalu Sea Levels ~ SA

BRONZE: Brant Cumming ~ Trojans Trek ~ SA

TV Magazine, Life Style & Reality

GOLD: Greg Ashman ~ Dreambuild, Series 2 Inner House ~ SA

GOLD: Greg Ashman ~ Dreambuild, Series 2 Angophora Home ~ SA

SILVER: Simon J Nicholls ~ Freedom Riders Asia, Bali – Episode 3 ~ SA

BRONZE: Malcolm Ludgate ACS ~ Batavia, the Abrolhos Story ~ SA

Corporate & Educational

GOLD: Aaron Gully ~ Study Adelaide ~ SA

GOLD: Aaron Gully ~ Adelaide Oval ~ SA

BRONZE: Maxx Corkindale ~ Advance Care & Resuscitation Planning SA

Web & New Media

GOLD: David Parkinson ~ The Currant Shed ~ SA

GOLD: David Parkinson ~ Parla and Alskare ~ SA

GOLD: Viv Madigan ~ Wastelander Panda “Exile” Episode 1 ~ SA

SILVER: David Parkinson ~ Vale Cru ~ SA

SILVER: David Parkinson ~ Love Japan ~ SA

BRONZE: Benjamin ~ Oh, Summer ~ SA

Documentaries, Cinema & TV

GOLD: Torstein Dyrting ACS ~ Ngurra Wangaggu ~ WA

GOLD: David Le May ~ Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? “Palmerston” Episode ~ WA

SILVER: Jim Frater ACS ~ Enigma Man ~ WA

SILVER: Mark Andersson ~ The Agony Of Ecstasy ~ SA

BRONZE: Judd Overton ~ The Surgery Ship ~ SA

Commercials Local/Regional

GOLD: Miles Rowland ~ Territory Day ~ SA

SILVER: Torstein Dyrting ACS ~ Garnduwa ~ WA

BRONZE: Nima Nabilirad ~Fasta Pasta – Salads made fresh ~ SA

Commercials National/International

SILVER: Miles Rowland ~ Beyond Bank – Thank You ~ SA

SILVER: Miles Rowland ~ iSelect & Qantas Frequent Flyer ~ SA

Dramatised Documentaries

GOLD: Jim Frater ACS ~ The War That Changed Us Episode 1 ~ WA

GOLD: Jim Frater ACS ~ Desert War Alamein ~ WA

BRONZE: Malcolm Ludgate ACS ~ Wine Line ~ SA

Fictional Drama Shorts

GOLD: David Le May ~ The Fan ~ WA

GOLD: Ernie Clark ACS ~ Injury time ~ SA

SILVER: Maxx Corkindale ~ Welcome to Iron Knob ~ SA

SILVER: Simon Akkerman ACS ~ The Fenian ~ WA

BRONZE: Nima Nabilirad ~ Pale Blue Dot ~ SA

Telefeatures, Series, TV Drama or Comedy

GOLD : Geoffrey Hall ACS ~ Anzac Girls – Episode 4 “Love” ~ SA

SILVER: Aaron Gully ~ Sam Fox – Bear Blitz ~ SA

SILVER: Sam King ~ Danger 5 Series 2 – Episode 3 ~ SA

BRONZE: Sam King ~ Danger 5 Series 2 – Episode 4 ~ SA

Features Cinema

GOLD: Aaron Gully ~ Touch ~ SA

Special Awards
The Milton Ingerson Award
For The Best Entry
~ Geoffrey Hall ACS ~ Anzac Girls – Episode 4 “Love”

Ron Windon ACS Contribution Award
For outstanding service to the Australian Cinematographers Society
~ JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick

The Cliff Ellis Memorial Award
To the Active Member Showing the Most Potential
~ Scott Summers ~ Willow Beats “Merewif”

MRC Encouragement Award
To a Promising Young Filmmaker
~ Jordan Agutter ~ The Crane Wife