Actors protest enters week four

28 August, 2009 by IF

Press release from MEAA

Australian actors today begin the fourth week of strike action on offshore television commercials, and remain baffled by the refusal of the Screen Producers’ Association of Australia (SPAA) to negotiate.


“When SPAA terminated the Offshore Commercials Agreement they said it was about creating business. In the weeks since they terminated the agreement interest in coming to Australia to film commercials has actually stalled,” said Equity national director Simon Whipp. 

"Overseas advertising agencies have made it clear that until this matter is resolved they have no intention of shooting in Australia.”

“Equity remains prepared to talk to any producer interested in resolving this matter and reaching an agreement.”

In June SPAA announced that it would be terminating the Offshore Commercials Agreement, which sets actors rates of pay and conditions when working on foreign television commercials shot in Australia. There was no indication from SPAA during the life of the agreement that it was unhappy with it.

“Equity is and always has been about attracting jobs and economic activity in the Australian industry, but stripping away performers’ rights and conditions is not the answer.” said Mr Whipp.

“SPAA has created a situation of uncertainty for performers, producers and their international clients. Performers do not want to be on strike – they want an agreement.”

For further information please contact Equity national director Simon Whipp on + 61 413 153 059 or