ADG announces Awards finalists

18 September, 2008 by IF

[Press Release by the ADG]

The Australian Directors Guild is pleased to announce the shortlisted finalists for the 2008 ADG Awards. The ADG Awards provide the highest accolade to outstanding Australian directing talent by their peers. This year, the Awards will be hosted by award winning director Leah Purcell, and comedian, artist, writer, musician and director, Paul McDermott.


The Awards will be held at Leighton Hall in the University of New South Wales’ John Niland Scientia Building, on Saturday 27th September. The list of last year’s winners included a who’s who of Australian directors, including Matthew Saville, Ray Quint and Ian Watson, as well as identifying emerging talent such as Cannes Short Film Jury Prize winner, Julius Avery.

The ADG Outstanding Achievement Awards will also be announced on the night, with past winners and presenters including Gillian Armstrong, Rolf De Heer, Peter Andrikidis, Phillip Noyce, Jan Chapman, Colin Friels and Wim Wenders.


2008 Best Direction in a Feature Film
Elissa Down, The Black Balloon
Nash Edgerton, The Square
Shawn Seet, Two Fists one Heart
Vincent Ward, Rain of the Children

2008 Best Direction in a TV Drama Series – Periodical
Peter Andrikidis, East West 101 – Episode 1: The Enemy
Tony Tilse, Underbelly – Episode 1: The Black Prince
Tony Tilse, Underbelly – Episode 2: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

2008 Best Direction in a TV Drama Series – Ongoing
Nicholas Bufalo, All Saints – Episode 421: Caught In A Trap
Lynn Maree Danzey, All Saints – Episode 407: If Only
Ian Gilmour, All Saints – Episode 435: Blind Faith

2008 Best Direction in a TV Comedy Series
Rob Carlton & Alex Weinress, Chandon Pictures
Stuart McDonald, Summer Heights High
Will Usic, Stupid, Stupid Man

2008 Best Direction in a Documentary – Feature
Anna Brionowski, Forbidden Lies
Ian Darling & Sascha Ettinger, The Oasis
Tom Murray, In My Father’s Country
Steve Thomas, Hope

2008 Best Direction in a Documentary – Stand Alone: Under 60 Minutes
Natasha Gadd, Anatomy- Muscle
Kelrick Martin, Mad Morro
Janet Merewether, Maverick Mother
Miranda Wills, 2 Mums and a Dad

2008 Best Direction in a Documentary – Series
John Hughes, Hidden Treasures: Inside the National Library of Australia
Brian McKenzie, Love’s Harvest
Roger Scholes, The Passionate Apprentices

2008 Best Direction in an Animated Film
Lucinda Clutterback, Walnut and Honeysuckle
Anny Slater, Masterpeer Theatre
Dennis Tupicoff, Chainsaw

2008 Best Direction in a Short Film
Julius Avery, Jerrycan
Sean Byrne, Advantage
Alex Holmes, Ali & The Ball
Sean Kruck, Summer Breaks

2008 Best Direction in a Short Film – Student
David Eastel, Ascension
John Evagora, 296 Smith Street
Katie Hides, Fear
Hugh Sullivan, Family Man

2008 Best Direction in a Television Commercial – Performance
Sean Meehan, Driving Test (McDonalds)
Sean Meehan, The Race (McDonalds)
Damien Toogood, Marooned (Lenovo)

2008 Best Direction in a Television Commercial – Visual Narrative
Ben Lawrence, What One Person Can Do (Earth Hour 2008)
Sean Meehan, Slow Dance (Fujifilm)
Paul Middleditch, Sky Troop (Carlton Draught)
Paul Middleditch, Brewtopia (Pure Blonde)