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Craft Animations have announced the availability of Craft Director Tools in Australia and New Zealand through Adimex. Craft Director Tools are available through Adimex for Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya, Mac and Windows platforms.

Craft Director Tools utilise high-end artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems to drastically condense traditional animation processes. Combining these unprecedented animation tools with Cinema 4D’s ease-of-use and image quality, users receive a time-saving and cost-effective animation solution capable of saving hours, days and weeks of laborious animation time.

"Craft Director Tools make it a breeze to add an extra dash of reality to CG animations," said Marco Tillmann, product manager at Maxon. "The comprehensive toolset allows the artist to focus on the result rather than the technology behind it. Maxon is pleased that Craft Animations has ported this powerful set of tools to Cinema 4D, making the life of creative minds easier."

By eliminating the prolonged tasks of key framing and scripting, Craft Director Tools provide artists more time for creative processes. Professional users including Digital Dimension, Toyota and Lockheed Martin have reported reduced production times by up to 90 percent. Additionally, they have gained the opportunity to create natural motion paths on the fly through autopilot functions, or a variety of input devices such as gamepads, joysticks, keyboards, Wacom boards and 6DOF controllers (such as Space Pilot®).

Allowing for precise control of object placement, as well as the instant gratification received by highly realistic interactive real-time animation, Craft Director Tools include: Craft Camera Tools, which provide users with real-time camera control for immediate, professional-quality cinematic results; Craft Vehicles allow artists to create the most realistic and accurate simulations for in-motion vehicles; Craft Accessories add the finishing touches to action-packed productions by simulating and animating props such as missiles, trailers, cog wheels and other moving parts; and Craft Freeware offers a free-to-use extended toolbox for Craft Director Tools allowing real-time recording, interaction and depth orientation.

"Cinema 4D animators, industrial designers and architects may now achieve the quality of real-time, real-world animation and filming techniques within a fully 3D environment," said Craft Animations’ Co-founder and Head of R&D, Luigi Tramontana.

"Craft Camera Tools put CG cinematics back into the hands of directors by shortening lead times between concept and reality. This alleviates the struggle between substandard camera behavior and 3D animation that has plagued the industry for years."

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