Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft’s founder has resigned, it was announced yesterday.

After six years at the helm, Adrianne Pecotic will be leaving the company – which represents the rights of content owners including the big Hollywood studios – on November 15 to return to “the creative and commercial coalface of the filmed content business”.

“I have enjoyed working with AFACT and Motion Picture Association members and staff and all the sectors of our $4.4 billion industry facing the many challenges and opportunities of the digital transition,” Pecotic said in a statement.

“I have fought hard to raise awareness of the impact of piracy on the 50,000 Australians who earn their living in our creative industry and deliver a balanced approach to protecting our industry from copyright theft.

“It is heartening to see the progress we have made working alongside state and federal government and law enforcement officers whose cooperation and efforts have been invaluable to me in this role.

“I will continue to advocate on issues that affect the future and prosperity of the film and television industry in Australia and facilitate opportunities for content through cooperation and cross industry partnerships.”

AFACT said Pecotic had been a strong advocate for protecting and promoting the film and television industry and had received several Motion Picture Association awards.

Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific president and managing director Mike Ellis wished her every success in her future career.

“Adrianne has spearheaded our operations at AFACT with the utmost aplomb while garnering the respect of the creative industries for fighting for their rights,” Ellis said of the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation founding director in a statement.

“The outreach efforts she initiated including the iconic 'What Are You Really Burning?' have made Australians young and old think carefully about the way they view copyright.”

Pecotic established AFACT in January 2004 after a significant career at Grundy Television – now FremantleMedia.


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