To the members of the Australian screen industry,

Gender equity has long been central to the AFI | AACTA mission of recognising and supporting excellence, from our finest women in front of the camera, to those excelling in the many critical crafts behind it, and right across film, documentary and many key genres of television (including drama, comedy, children’s, light entertainment, comedy, reality and lifestyle).

Whilst composition of industry juries is complex (taking into accounts skills, experience, geography, age, conflicts etc) we’ve been pleased to achieve strong gender balance. We call for jurors each year and this cycle, whilst 40 per cent of all applicants were female, through affirmative action we ultimately achieved a jury make up of 48 per cent women.

Our annual policy review incorporates all submissions we receive. Whilst our Feature Film pre-selection jury this year comprised 50 per cent women (and supported a record 28 films in competition) further changes to Feature Film eligibility are forecast as the underlying production landscape continues to evolve. We look forward to meeting with WIFT NSW and other interested parties through the policy review process.

We’d like to take this chance to again thank our members for their support and involvement in the many events and programs we undertake year on year.

The AFI | AACTA Board & Executive

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  1. So the reason certain films weren’t selected for judging was because a gender neutral jury decided they didn’t meet the quality level required for judging?

    No. I won’t believe it. *sarcasm*

  2. As the producer of one of the films which did not get through the AACTA preselection process, I’m surprised to hear that “Gender equity has long been central to AFI/ AACTA”. All About E is a film with a woman director, cinematographer, editor, producer and strong female lead, and more than met the requirements for exhibition (33 screenings around Australia, US Netflix, theatrical release in Germany and Holland). I wrote to the AACTA board and CEO in August of this year to say that the exclusion of All About E from the AACTA competition embodied the marginalisation of women in the film industry. Gender equity is so central to AACTA that four months later we still haven’t had an official reply. We did receive thoughtful answers from two women board members, who wished to reply individually and said we would be receiving an official reply from the CEO. I can’t help feeling the world wide media coverage of the WIFT protest has prompted AACTA’s new found enthusiasm for gender equality. Strange that we’ve still heard nothing.

  3. Jay, Aacta just said they already have this as a policy. The issue isn’t Gender. The issue is support of international films and archaic rules. AActa wants big movies to make Aacta big and important. They are simply building their international brant at your expense. They don’t want intimate dramas. Enter Sundance Berlin, etc. they are diversity festivals.

    Aacta is about widest audience. Biggest movies.

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