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In nine days the cream of Australia’s film and television industry will flock to Melbourne to join the Australian Film Institute in celebrating its 50th anniversary at the L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Awards.
This 50th anniversary celebration will be held at Melbourne’s iconic Princess Theatre on Saturday December 6 and will be broadcast on the Nine Network at 9.30pm that evening. 
Hosted by AFI Award recipient Stephen Curry, this year’s ceremony promises to be a glittering celebration of 50 years of Australian film and television. The telecast will feature a red carpet arrivals package hosted Julia Zemiro.
The L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Industry Awards presented by Digital Pictures will take place the previous evening at the Princess Theatre and will be hosted by Julia Zemiro.
Over the two nights, 45 awards will be handed out in the Feature Film, Non Feature and Television categories.
The star-studded line-up of guests, confirmed to attend the L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Awards on Dec 6 include:
Eric Bana                                 Guy Pearce                              Hugo Weaving
Dr George Miller                      Adam Elliot                              Damian Walshe-Howling
Alex Dimitriades                      Chris Lilley                              Gyton Grantley
Rebecca Gibney                      Susie Porter                             Daniel MacPherson    
Kat Stewart                              Vince Colosimo                       Emma Lung
Saskia Burmeister                   Veronica Sywak                      Fred Schepisi
Nash Edgerton                         Alison Whyte                           Diana Glenn
Bojana Novakovic                    Kodi Smit-McPhee                   The Hon Tim Holding
Nathan Phillips                        Adam Zwar                              Damien Richardson
Martin Sacks                            Julia Zemiro                            Madeleine West
Tom Green                              Don Hany                                 Angus Sampson
David Roberts                          Leeanna Walsman                  Wayne Hope
Robyn Butler                            Erik Thomson                           Les Hill
Rhys Wakefield                        The Hon Gavin Jennings         Michael Caton
Kerry Armstrong                      Danielle Catanzariti                 Steve Bisley
William McInnes                      Sarah Watt                              Rebel Penfold-Russell
Noni Hazlehurst                       The Hon Lynne Kosky              Brian Nankervis
The Hon Peter Garrett             Amanda Muggleton                 Bud Tingwell
John Jarratt                             Kestie Morassi                         Shane Bourne
Rebecca Massey                      Josh Lawson                            Adam Hills
Darren Glishenan                    Nadine Garner                         Michael Hirsh
Rob Sitch                                 Santo Cilauro                          Angus McLaren
Rob Carlton                                                                  

The L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Awards recognise excellence and success in both the film and television industry.
The nominees announced last month to take out the coveted L’Oréal Paris AFI Award for Best Film are The Black Balloon, The Jammed, The Square and Unfinished Sky. In total, The Black Balloon received 11 nominations, Unfinished Sky 10 nominations and The Jammed and The Square 7 nominations each.
The L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Awards, celebrating 50 years of pride and passion will take place at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre on Saturday 6 December and will be televised on the Nine Network at 9.30pm.
The L’Oréal Paris AFI Industry Awards presented by Digital Pictures will take place at the Princess Theatre on Friday 5 December.

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