AFTRS celebrates its graduate filmmakers at Cannes

19 May, 2014 by Press Release

As the Cannes Film Festival gears up for its 67th edition this week, AFTRS is delighted to acknowledge the achievements of its graduates represented at this years ‘Queen of film festivals’.
Heading the jury at Cannes this year is AFTRS’ internationally renowned alumnus Jane Campion (1983) who has said of this prestigious role, “Since I first went to Cannes with my short films in 1986 [including the AFTRS student film Peel ] I have had the opportunity to see the festival from many sides and my admiration for this Queen of film festivals has only grown larger.”
Jane Campion is the only woman ever to have won the Palme d’Or in the 67-year history of the festival, and was only the second ever to be nominated for a ‘Best Director’ Academy Award.
In the wake of her acclaimed student short films, which culminated in the Palme d’Or, Jane captivated international critics with Sweetie (1989), her first feature film, which was selected In Competition at Cannes. After An Angel at my Table (1990), she returned to competition in Cannes in 1993 with The Piano, which won the Palme d’Or.
Competing in the prestigious Un Certain Regard in 2014 is AFTRS alumnus Rolf de Heer (1979) who is returning to the festival for the fourth time with his latest feature, Charlie’s Country. Rolf previously received two Palme d’Or nominations, for The Quiet Room and Dance Me to My Song, and the Special Jury Prize, Un Certain Regard, for Ten Canoes.
Charlie’s Country is the long-awaited third film in Rolf’s unofficial trilogy and longstanding collaboration with Aboriginal Australian screen icon David Gulpilil, beginning with The Tracker in 2002 and followed by Ten Canoes in 2006.
Charlie’s Country also features the work of Rolf’s fellow AFTRS alumnus and long time collaborator Tania Nehme (1990) who edited the film.

Rolf said of his return to the festival, “As a great celebration of cinema, the Cannes Film Festival has historically been a wonderful launching pad into the world market for films I've directed. I'm consequently very pleased that Charlie's Country has been selected, because it means the film will be seen.”
Also selected (out of competition) for Cannes this year is David Michod’s latest feature The Rover, which features the work of AFTRS alumnus Antony Partos (1990). Antony studied Screen Music at AFTRS.
Chief Executive of AFTRS, Sandra Levy, offered the school’s congratulations to all of the AFTRS alumni represented at the 67th edition of Cannes.
A timeline of AFTRS alumni at the Cannes Film Festival.
Gillian Armstrong – My Brilliant Career: In competition, Palme d’Or
Jane Campion – Peel: AFTRS student film – Winner, Palme d’ Or shorts
Jane Campion – Sweetie: In Competition, Palme d’Or
Jane Campion – The Piano: Winner, Palme d’Or
Jane Campion – Bright Star: In Competition, Palme d’Or
Jane Campion – The Water Diary: Out of Competition, shorts
Jocelyn Moorhouse – Proof: Winner, Caméra d’Or
Shirley Barrett – Love Serenade: Winner, Caméra d’Or
Laurie McInnes – Palisade: Winner, Palme d’Or, Short Film
Laurie McInnes – Broken Highway: In competition, Palme d’Or
Samantha Lang The Well: In Competition, Palme d’Or
Stuart Parkyn – Jerrycan: Winner, Jury Prize
Stuart Parkyn – Jerrycan: In Competition, Palme d’Or, Short Film
Rolf de Heer – Ten Canoes: Un Certain Regard
Rolf de Heer – Dance Me to My Song: In Competition, Palme d’Or
Rolf de Heer – The Quiet Room: In Competition, Palme d’Or
Rolf de Heer – Charlie’s Country: Un Certain Regard


Tony Krawitz – Jewboy: Un Certain Regard
Tony Krawitz – Unit #52: Director’s Fortnight
Ivan Sen – Yellow Fella: Un Certain Regard
Ivan Sen – Toomelah: Un Certain Regard
Cate Shortland – Somersault: Un Certain Regard
Sue Brooks – Japanese Story: Un Certain Regard
Jonathan Ogilvie – This Film is a Dog: In Competition, Palme d’Or, Short Film
Jonathan Ogilvie – The Despondent Divorcée: In Competition, Palme d’Or, Short Film
Alex Proyas – The Books of Dreams: Welcome to Crateland: In Competition, Palme d’Or, Short Film
PJ Hogan – Muriel’s Wedding: Directors’ Fortnight
Warwick Thornton, Samson & Delilah: Winner, Caméra d’Or
Wayne Blair, The Sapphires: Official Selection Out of Competition