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John Maynard is one of Australia’s most successful producers with credits including Balibo, Romulus My Father, Three Dollars, The Bank, The Boys, An Angel at my Table to name a few. David is an experienced industry practitioner who has been involved in the financing of more than a dozen film and television productions, including Strictly Ballroom, The Bank and the IMAX film Antarctica. 

The Australian film and television industries have been in the capable hands of the baby boomer generation for the past 35 years, however with retirement on the horizon, it has become imperative to discover who will next lead the industry and in what direction. There is no doubt that that direction will look very different to the course the industry has forged over the past decades.

In 2011, for the first time, AFTRS will be offering a combined Graduate Diploma in Producing and Screen Business.

A Producer is the engine of the film and television industry, driving the commissioning and business end of all projects. Renowned Australian Producers include Robert Connolly (producing credits include Romulus My Father, The Boys, directing credits include Balibo, The Bank), Jan Chapman (Bright Star, The Piano, Lantana) and Emile Sherman (The Kings of Mykonos, Rabbit Proof Fence, Candy).

The new Graduate Diploma in Producing and Screen Business would be of interest to creative people across a variety of industries and interests such as media executives, art administrators, web developers, entrepreneurs, business owners and those already in industries such as advertising, design or theatre. Examples such as Baz Luhrmann who started in theatre, or Dr George Millar who originally started his career in medicine, and who both have filled the roles of director and producer in their many film and TV productions, show how a cross over of interests can produce some of the most creatively diverse and successful projects in history.

The course will offer a high level of instruction in the art and business of storytelling, production process, marketing and distribution, as well as creative leadership, financial management, business planning and media strategy. As with all AFTRS courses it will be taught by actual industry practitioners, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and with a strong practical focus.

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