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The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) today launched the first issue of its new publication, LUMINA, a Journal of Screen Arts and Business. 

Sandra Levy, AFTRS CEO, and one of the editors of the journal says “LUMINA offers a space for cultural reflection and analysis, to share the thoughts and ideas of those people who want to have a dialogue about film and story, and the art of it and the business of it.”

LUMINA deliberates on current issues relevant to the Australian screen arts and broadcast sector through essays, interviews and reflections from the industry’s leading thinkers and practitioners.  Articles include five controversial pieces on genre films under the heading ‘Genre is not a Dirty Word’ as well as a report from Vincent Sheehan on the necessity for producers to understand distribution; a retrospective on the Origins of Horror by David Stratton; as well as edited transcripts of a selection of ‘Friday on My Mind’ the weekly cultural event at AFTRS; and The Knowledge, a series of interviews about the business of screen.

Other contributors to the first issue include Baz Luhrmann, Warwick Thornton, David Court and Jan Chapman, to name a few.

The launch issue of LUMINA will be available from July 2009 and can be ordered immediately from bookstores nationally.

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