Alex Proyas and Shane Abbess collaborating on sci-fi film Future Perfect

03 June, 2011 by Sam Dallas

Aussie filmmaker Alex Proyas has signed on to produce a "fresh" new science-fiction film to be made on local shores.

Proyas, known for directing ‘90s flicks The Crow and Dark City and most recently Knowing in Melbourne, has been collaborating with young director Shane Abbess (Gabriel) on Future Perfect.


The project is at the latter stages of development and is set to be on a budget of less than $30 million.

Abbess, who almost ended up directing Source Code, says it’s “Blade Runner meets Leon: The Professional meets something new that’ll tear your nuts off”.

He confirmed the story follows an older man and a younger girl – both genetically-enhanced assassins – who are forced to go on the run.

“I love the human drama within the sci-fi setting and the ability to do something bold and new within the action and visuals as I’ve been developing some really hardcore things over these past few years that truly haven’t been done before. You hear that a lot but I’m more than willing to back it up when we start production,” Abbess told IF via email.

“And having Alex to confer and discuss these ideas with makes it only better.

“He’s an amazing collaborator and someone I have an immense respect for – as I do for the entire team with their years of experience.”

Joining Proyas on producing duties include Topher Dow (I, Robot, Knowing), Brian Witten (American History X) and Michael Connolly.

Abbess has been developing and working very closely with his team of writers for the past 12 months, and is pushing for something “fresh”.

“I’m always trying to push for something visually that hasn’t been done before within, what at first, could seem a familiar story, and Alex and I have some ideas that I think will really slam that home.”

Negotiations are continuing for the cast.

2007's Gabriel, made on a budget of just $150,000 and distributed by Sony worldwide, raked in $1.2 million at the Australian Box Office, and went straight to DVD in most other territories.

Proyas is currently considering filming another project (which he is directing): Paradise Lost, in Australia, as first reported by IF.