Andy Lee.

Andy Lee will host a new one-hour weekly comedy panel show for Nine, dubbed a “reverse Gogglebox.”

In The Hundred, 100 Australians from all around the country will join Lee and his guest panellists via a giant 27-square metre screen.

Handpicked to represent the makeup of Australia, the group will be polled live and give stories behind the statistics on questions ranging from how many Australians have had plastic surgery to how many have never seen the ocean.

Each week, comedians and celebrities will battle it out to prove who really knows Australia best.

The show is being directed by Randall Churchill.

Lee, who created the concept with Screentime Australia said: “Gogglebox is everyday people sitting in their homes and picking apart TV shows, whereas The Hundred is a TV show diving into everyday people’s homes and learning more about their lives,” he said.

“It’s been over a year in the making and we’ve uncovered some amazing stats along the way as well as some really boring ones.

“In a bold decision, we’ve decided to leave the boring ones out of the show.

“In a post-truth era, The Hundred fearlessly crunches the numbers to find out who we really are, in a laugh-out-loud format.”

Find out more about how to join the show here.

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  1. Hello Representive,

    I saw on channel 9 Today, whereby Andy needs Senior folk to be on his show.

    I am 74 years of age. Young for my age.
    Had a face lift, lived with Monks and taught English in Thailand. Travelling lots. Lived in South Africa for awhile. Many interesting stories to tell.

    I would love to be interviewed for his new Hundred Show.

    I tried entering through another site but could not get through on Google.

    Please can you send my entry to the correct people.

    Thank you

  2. Hi I’m Gina and 56 .. I ride a Harley and I’m national sergeant at arms for sisters on steel smc .. I have a great sense of humour.. I live on my farm .. I use to own camels and give rides .Also own a boat shed /cafe and taught people to sail , windsurf, and boating . I also do catering and had a Coxwain license and still have my pwc license I would love to be on your show

  3. Hi I’m Maggie and I didn’t get to 78 without indulging in some exciting and interesting life events. During my young days, last century, I worked for Melbourne Theatre Company and behind the scenes in many TV shows, presented self developmental programs in prisons and partied with Graham Kennedy and friends. I later spent 7 years in Albania where I had a home for abandoned babies, dodged bullets during the civil war in 1990 and worked undercover for a government agency. That’s just the boring stuff; I have lived life to the full and still have a few trucks up my sleeve.

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