Animated series Get Ace begins production

31 July, 2012 by Rocheen Flaherty

Production has begun on Channel Ten's new animated children’s series, Get Ace, which is set to air late next year.

With a budget of over $10 million, the 26-episode Get Ace series is set to be one of the most expensive animated productions of its kind produced in Australia. Developed by Melbourne-based production company Galaxy Pop, Get Ace received financial assistance from Screen Australia and Film Victoria.


Galaxy Pop, consisting of writing and producing pair Gian Christian and Dina McPherson, has previously produced the children’s live action program ROCK IT! for Channel Ten. The production company is also developing the animated series Sunshine Friends aimed at preschoolers.

The cartoon series follows 12-year-old high-school student Ace McDougal and his adventures once being fitted with high-tech spy braces. Dina McPherson, head of creative at Galaxy Pop said Get Ace is action-packed with wacky characters kids will be able to relate to.

"Each action-packed episode of Get Ace is a non-stop thill ride, full of frantic chases, slapstick hijink, irreverent humour and a wacky cast of characters,” she said.

“From the outset when creating Get Ace, we carefully crafted themes, storylines and characters that are not only thoroughly entertaining, but kid relatable… Along with all the laughter and fantastical action sequences, the series also features pop culture references and college band style music to ensure the series connects with kids on multiple levels,” she added.

Get Ace is set to air on Channel Ten in October next year.

Get Ace