By Zona Marie Tan

Deluxe Australia’s managing director Alaric McAusland has today announced the appointment of Anthos Simon to the position of general manager, Creative Services effective immediately.

The position bundles Deluxe Australia’s digital and film front end lab operations with post production services provided by EFILM Australia and StageOne Sound, giving improved creative and technical continuity from camera acquisition through to delivery of final digital and film elements.

“We are delighted to elevate Anthos to a position which will efficiently combine creative and front-end lab operations and provide an improved creative response to filmmakers throughout the production life cycle. His extensive operational background and keen business insight made him the ideal candidate for this position,” McAusland said in a media release today.

As general manager of creative services, Anthos will concentrate on developing the level of creative services offered by the Group. This will include expanding its on-set data management, visual effects and broadcast post offerings, as well as launching existing digital services to Deluxe branches outside of NSW.

Following Deluxe Entertainment Group’s acquisition of Atlab in late September, Atlab has since been undergoing internal restructure, which includes the separation of Atlab Image and Sound Technology (which still belongs to Amalgamated Holdings Limited) and rebranding of Atlab facilities to Deluxe Sydney, Deluxe Melbourne and Deluxe Auckland which will take place within the next few months.

Speaking to INSIDEFILM, McAusland reassures the industry that “despite the change in ownership, we will continue to have the same recognised high quality of local creatives now with the incredible technology and financial backing of a market leader.”

The new affiliation with the Deluxe Group also means utilising the well-established EFILM brand, which EFILM Australia was launched as a joint venture with Deluxe in 2007; as well as some of its proprietary technology and IP, as it has recently been able to invest in expanding the technology and data storage resources.

“As a result, we are well equipped to handle Digital Intermediates for three leading Australian directors – Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, Bruce Beresford’s Mao’s Last Dancer and Jane Campion’s Bright Star – at the same time, and with access to the very best technology, we can do this work faster and better than would otherwise be the case,” says McAusland.

“Although it’s true that we are now part of a worldwide group, we will naturally remain major supporters of the local industry. Our relationship with Deluxe [Group] is borne out of their recognition of Atlab’s unrivalled and longstanding relationships with local filmmakers and the industry at large in Australia, and their understanding of the paramount importance that this should remain in place.”

Late this afternoon, Atlab’s director of communications Dominic Case announced that he will be leaving the company with his last day being November 28.

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