On special now from Digistor, the Areca ARC-5020 offers truly innovative storage for PC/Mac editing and post with capacities to 4TB with just four drives. The eSATA port delivers in excess of 210MB/s sustained RAID 5 reads and over 176MB/s RAID 5 sequential writes. The result is superior overall performance compared to other 4 bay eSATA solutions. High transfer rates make ARC-5020 RAID ideally suited for audio/video applications.

Both eSTATA and USB2.0 interfaces are included and support for RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 3, 5.

The Areca ARC-5020 delivers high capacity and price/performance while utilising RAID technology for auto rebuild after a single drive failure with no workflow impact. The unit is ideal for DV, HDV, SD, HDV and HD production using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or other editing solution.

While stocks last, Digistor is providing a pre-built 4TB (2.7TB usable) RAID 5 configuration for a special price of $3,795 inc GST*. The special includes

the Areca ARC-5020 RAID5 eSATA/USB2.0 4-Bay enclosure
4 X 1TB Seagate ES Drives (installed and tested)
PCI Express eSATA Controller
all Cables

and represents a saving of over $400 inc GST on the suggested retail price of $4,224 inc GST.

Contact Digistor on 02 9906 4556.

Note: This configuration includes Seagate ES Enterprise hard drives. Digistor recommends Seagate ES hard drives for all production work for superior reliability and performance.

* Special is available strictly while stocks last. Digistor reserves the right to change any aspect of this promotion at any time.


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