Press release from ARRI

Shotover Camera Systems NZ provides stabilised aerial and ground based camera systems that produce the highest quality images from the world's best camera and optics. Thus when a requirement came in from a European client for a 2D and 3D capable ‘gimbal’ rig system, they
chose ARRI ALEXAs as their cameras for the project.

Shotover MD John Coyle said, “The customer really wanted the ALEXA too as it is very much the camera of choice in Europe. Their requirement was the use of the standard ALEXA or the ALEXA PLUS and a high-speed option for slo mo. For their production they needed stabilised aerial shots and they were also interested in both 2D and 3D applications.”

With the brief from the client locked in and the cameras chosen Coyle and his team discussed the best way to integrate the cameras into the rig.
He added, “Shotover designs high end gyro-stabilised camera systems for helicopters – both 2D and 3D versions so we know our craft well. That said it still took several months to design the correct solution which would successfully integrate the cameras and lenses into our gimbal system – it’s a complex process as you can imagine. ARRI Australia were a big help with the integration of the cameras into the gimbal and also helped with the alignment process for 3D Helicopter shoots can be tricky at the best of times and when the added complexities of 3D production are in play, close collaboration with suppliers is

ARRI Australia MS Stefan Sedlmeier said, “Shotover Camera Systems work with high-end 2D and 3D aerial solutions. Thus the cameras they choose are important, as is the support that comes with the cameras. We have been working closely with Shotover for a few years now and I’m delighted we were able to help them in such a comprehensive way on this project. We are very much looking forward to the next one involving the new ALEXA M cameras.”

Coyle concluded, “ARRI Australia was very helpful in getting the cameras +expedited, choosing the proper cabling and hook-ups and in providing 3D CAD drawings of the ALEXA, all of which greatly speeded up the design process. They also are helping with engineering a solution to use two ALEXA M cameras as a 3D payload. This effort is still in the works so watch this space!”

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