ARRI Australia and Fujifilm strengthen ties

04 June, 2012 by IF

Press release from ARRI and Fujifilm

ARRI Australia today announced that it was forging closer ties and making even greater collaborative efforts on events and promotions with Fujifilm in Australia and New Zealand.


ARRI Australia MD Stefan Sedlmeier explained, “For a few years now we have had a great working relationship with Marc Van Agten and the team at Fujifilm Australia’s Motion Picture Film and Recording Media Division alongside the Fujinon team there too. This relationship has led to many successful events including SMPTE, NAB and the ACS Awards where both companies have contributed to the success of those shows by working closely together. Fujinon also provide excellent training for our technical staff and Fujifilm RDI film stock is often used on our ARRI film recorders in Australia and New Zealand. It is our intention that we will work even closer still throughout 2012 and beyond with more joint camera, lens and industry events.”

Fujinon is ARRI’s preferred supplier of zoom lenses manufacturing their hugely successful Alura range of zoom lenses which have sold in significant numbers in Australia and New Zealand since their launch.

Fujifilm Australia General Manager of Optical Devices and Recording Media Marc Van Agten said, “Both ARRI Australia and Fujifilm Australia have benefitted from our close working relationship but the people who have really seen the benefits are our customers. This year will see more lenses and more cameras being sold than ever before with new models being launched and ARRI and Fujifilm supporting them together wherever possible.”