Press Release

ARRI Australia will be demonstrating four Australian firsts at this year’s SMPTE show with three of its cameras never before having been exhibited at an industry Australian event and one mounted in two unique helicopter rigs.

The first first will be the combination of ARRI’s flagship ALEXA Studio camera and the Fujinon 19-90mm and 85-300mm Cabrio zoom lenses demonstrated and on display on Fujifilm’s C23 stand. At the pinnacle of the ALEXA product line the ALEXA Studio represents the range’s high-end option.

ARRI’s second Australian first comes in the form of its new ALEXA XT Plus camera which will be demonstrated on the Canon stand. In a display that takes advantage of a larger demo area the ALEXA XT Plus featuring an integrated wireless receiver for camera and lens remote control, will be shown with both 14.5-60mm and 30-300mm PL mount Canon zoom lenses. The ALEXA XT Plus also features onboard, in-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120 fps onto exceptionally fast Codex XR Capture Drives.

The third Australian first will be found on the Miller stand where ARRI’s ALEXA XT M camera will be mounted onto several of the company’s latest tripods. The ALEXA XT M (Modular) is ARRI’s flexible solution consisting of a separate camera head and body; it is tailored for action and aerial photography, tight corner shots and 3D productions, and any application or environment that would challenge a full-sized ALEXA.

ARRI’s fourth ALEXA and another first for SMPTE takes the form of its A-EV model rigged onto a Tyler Nose Mount and Middle Mount on a real life helicopter exhibited on the show floor by Peter Beeh. The ALEXA M will have a variety of lenses fitted but will specifically feature the 15.5-45mm wide lightweight Alura zoom.

ARRI Australia MD Stefan Sedlmeier said, “Our goal this year is any ALEXA camera with any lens. Hence the fact that we are showing four cameras that have never been seen at an Australian exhibition before with a wide variety of lenses and mounting one on a helicopter which is really exciting. We will also be interchanging lenses and cameras between stands at the show so don’t be surprised if you see ALEXAs walking the halls. Our philosophy is simple – we aim to support the industry in the best way we know how, by giving everyone hands-on experiences and demos with all our cameras and backing them up with our highly trained staff.”

In addition to the four ALEXA cameras ARRI will be demonstrating its full range of Alura Zoom lenses and fast PL mount lenses at the show.