Arri releases new film recorder

29 June, 2009 by IF

Press release from Arri

The ARRILASER 2 represents the next generation of a film recorder that has established itself as an integral component of DI workflows all over the world. For 10 years the ARRILASER has set the standard in image quality and maintained an unrivalled level of performance. With over 250 units in almost constant operation worldwide, it is the backbone
of the film recording industry.


Supporting a 16-bit image path and recording speeds that double those of previous models, the ARRILASER 2 will transform the DI capabilities of any facility where it is installed. In an industry defined by deadlines, recording speeds of 0.9 sec./frame in 2K and 1.5 sec./frame in 4K allow the ARRILASER 2 to meet the uncompromising needs of film-out clients by
vastly improving turnaround times.

Utilising a Linux-based software package, the ARRILASER 2 features a newly designed GUI that gives a constant overview of recording jobs in progress. The new software offers unprecedented flexibility of operation and speeds up daily operations considerably.

The main advantage of the new software is its ability to control and operate multiple lasers with the ease of just one application. And this doesn’t have to be local to the ARRILASER workstation; the new client-server architecture permits all ARRILASER software applications to be accessed from anywhere in the network.

The ARRILASER 2 model range has been extended by the introduction of two new versions of the ARRILASER 2 HighSpeed.

The complete ARRILASER 2 model range:
ARRILASER 2 Speed twoK
ARRILASER 2 Speed Performance
ARRILASER 2 HighSpeed twoK
ARRILASER 2 HighSpeed Performance

Each of the ARRILASER 2 models can be upgraded to match the specifications of models higher up in the range. This allows the functionality of the ARRILASER 2 to expand in line with the needs of individual businesses.








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