Press Release from Australian Screen Editors Guild

The Australian Screen Editors Guild is delighted to announce the winners of the 2010 Awards.

The fifth annual ASE Awards at The Vanguard in Sydney’s Newtown were packed with industry types who usually shy away from the limelight. ‘The Ellies’, warmly nicknamed due to the bronzed elephant statues awarded to winners, encourage both industry and public alike to celebrate outstanding achievements in editing across all visual mediums.

In his keynote address, veteran Director Peter Andrikidis (Underbelly, Wildside, East West 101) noted that “the Editor is the most important creative collaborator for a Director in television drama and it is time their contribution was recognised by the AFI Awards.”

The Awards were hosted by Andrea Lang ASE, who added a touch of humour to the evening.


Australian Screen Editors Awards For Best Editing 2010

Avid Award for Best Editing in a Feature Film – Dany Cooper ASE for Beneath Hill 60

– Presented by Evan Boyd from Avid. Cooper previously won this category in 2006 for her work on Candy.

The Lab Award for Best Editing in a Television Drama
- James Manche ASE for Packed to the Rafters, Ep 44

– Presented by Simon Dibbs from The Lab. This was the fifth year that Manche has been nominated in this category.

Best Editing in a Documentary – Andrew Arestides ASE for My Asian Heart

– Arestides won this category in 2008 for The Cars That Ate China.

Best Editing in a Television Non-Drama¨- Fiona Strain ASE for Whatever: The Science of Teens, Ep 4 – ‘Moods’

– Presented by Dave Redman who won this category last year for Bondi Vet.

Best Editing in a Commercial – Peter Whitmore ASE for ANZ – The Chase

– Presented by previous Commercial category winner Drew Thompson ASE.

Best Editing in a Short Film – Adrian Chiarella for The Love Song of Iskra Prufrock

-This film was made while Chiarella was at AFTRS. Presented by last year's winner in this category, Zen Rosenthal.

Best Editing in a Music Video – Katie Hinsen for Goin' Home

-2010 marks the first year the Guild presented this Award.


This year the ASE added the following Editors to their highly esteemed list of ASE Accredited Members. Accreditation is the highest honour the Guild can bestow on an Editor.

Harriet Clutterbuck ASE

Scott Gray ASE

Michael J Hagan ASE

Lindi Harrison ASE


The ASE is also delighted to announce Jason Ballantine ASE as the Guild’s new President, strongly supported by returning Vice President Melanie Annan. Outgoing President Karen Pearlman says “My confidence levels about the future of the ASE are at an all time high with the new committee, Vice President and President coming in with great energy, vision and expertise.”

Lauded for his work on Wolf Creek and Caterpillar Wish, Ballantine’s 18-year career started alongside several noteworthy Directors and Editors on films such as Babe, Dark City, Moulin Rouge, MI2 and Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3.

He recently cut Bill Bennett's island mystery Uninhabited as well as Screen Gems’ highly successful teen thriller Prom Night and is currently crafting Kieran Darcy-Smith's psychological drama Say Nothing.

Ballantine says "I'm really excited to be appointed President of the ASE. I see great potential to make it more inclusive to a broader membership passionate about editing. This marks a generational change, bringing our Guild firmly into the digital era."

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