Press Release From Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM)

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) will help develop the education market for iPad apps with the launch – in a world first – of interactive film study guide apps.

To be distributed initially through the iTunes App Store, the apps will also be made available through Android Market.

Modelled on ATOM’s highly regarded text-based study guides, the interactive study guides offer a rich media experience that incorporates clips, animation and web functions.

Leveraging off ATOM’s proven experience in the education sector and existing market base, the study guide apps will offer unparalleled screen-based learning resources to teachers, students and education departments worldwide.

In August 2010, ATOM formed a creative partnership with established media practitioner NMG. ‘The idea was to take advantage of iPad technology to allow students and teachers to engage with this exciting new development and also to help market Australian productions globally in an innovative way,’ said ATOM’s Peter Tapp.

James Boldiston (NMG) and Peter Tapp (ATOM) have now developed study guide apps for two major Australian productions, Oranges and Sunshine (Icon Films) and Kapyong (Arcimedia), and iOS versions of both guides are now available for free through the App Store:

Delivery through the App Store offers myriad advantages.

1. Global distribution and delivery

The iTunes App Store continues to lead the market, having celebrated its ten billionth iOS app download in January 2011. Having interactive study guide apps available through the App Store and Android Market instantly creates a world market for Australian film, television and new media productions.

2. More interesting and challenging materials for students

Interactive study guide apps not only allow for more educational value, they also provide ease of use and make the learning experience fun – both for teachers and students. With these interactive guides, clips from the film and other audiovisual material can be embedded, thus reinforcing the educational experience while simultaneously promoting the program to a global market. Embedded materials will allow for more challenging questions to be posed to students, as clips can be viewed a number of times before questions tailored to the scene are answered.

3. New revenue streams for producers/distributors

Three new revenue streams will be created through this business model:

· Direct sales of interactive study guides at A$1.00 per download (once they are being downloaded in large numbers on a daily basis)

· Copyright revenue from schools reproducing associated learning materials internationally

· Future versions of the study guide apps will incorporate a Learning Management System (LMS), which will enable them to be sold to both local and international education departments and institutions.

‘Marketing films through iTunes using these interactive study guide apps will be a game changer for Australian producers and film distributors. With the iPad 2 now available, the possibilities for what can be achieved with these interactive apps are almost limitless,’ commented Boldiston.

The first two apps include extras such as the trailer, clips, and interviews with cast and crew. However, ATOM and NMG are now developing Version 2.0 of their system, which will allow for enhanced embedding of audiovisual material, making it the most fully functioned iPad-based education system available in the world.

ATOM would like to thank Film Victoria for its support, through ‘Screen Business – Online’, and Screen NSW, through the ‘Industry Development Fund’, in funding the development of Version 2.0, which is coming soon and features many enhancements.

‘This project is the first step in a new vision for screen education – one that is likely to lead to substantially increased returns for the Australian film industry and, we hope, to Australia becoming a world leader in the delivery of interactive educational content,’ said Tapp.

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