Ausfilm’s Partner with Australia Week kicks off in Hollywood

16 June, 2016 by Staff Writer

Delegates have been participating in producer collaboration sessions


Fourteen Australians from across the film and television industry have headed to Hollywood this week to participate in Ausfilm’s annual Partner with Australia Week.

The selected delegation features Australian producers and creative teams who will be connected to 34 leading US development companies and internet television networks such as HBO, Pacific Standard, Amazon, Voltage and Netflix.

Attendees will engage in targeted 1-2-1 producer collaboration sessions over two days, providing opportunities for the group to showcase their slate of film and television projects and attract interest from US film and television production companies.

“The group is garnering excellent interest from our US friends. There’s a diversity of feature and high-end TV drama projects which are very creative opportunities for development with US partners. We’re two days in and there is great buzz from both sides of the table,” said Ausfilm CEO Debra Richards.

The Ausfilm Partner with Australia program was established nine years ago to showcase Australia’s film and television producing talent and creative teams and to help them to foster international business relationships and partnerships with the aim to drive production and post-production to Australia.

Australian attendees – Ausfilm Partner with Australia 2016:

  • Stephen Lance –  Antihero Films Sense
  • Leanne Tonkes– Sense and Centsability
  • Cecilia Ritchie and Polly Staniford – Aquarius Films
  • Sarah Shaw and Anna McLeish – Carver Films
  • Jodi Matterson– Wild Eddie
  • Rosemary Blight –  Goalpost Pictures
  • Jannine Barnes – Happening Films
  • Lauren Elliott – Mad Kids
  • Josh Tanner –  Perception Pictures
  • Claudia Karvan –  Rhubarb Rhubarb Productions
  • Anna Vincent –  Southern Light Alliance
  • Kristian Moliere –  Triptych Pictures