Bhutanese Australian co-production The Container has been chosen for the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Set in 1980s Bhutan and based on director Jamyang Dorji’s unique set of experiences, The Container illustrates a mother’s persistent devotion to her child. With baby in arms, the mother walks for days from a remote village in order to claim government-supplied medicine for the seriously ill child.

As soon as they arrive she discovers that, while the medicine is free, she must provide a bottle in exchange. Since she neither owns nor can afford to purchase one, the search for a container begins.

Director and father of two, Dorji, says the emotional core of The Container lies within the endeavours of parenthood.

"This movie is not about a child being sick, but about how as parents we worry about our children even if it is nothing serious," Dorji said in a statement.

Shot by Sonam Loday in Dorji’s hometown of Gazelo, The Container stars Deki Yangcom (Travellers and Magicians) and Dorji’s infant daughter, Saatchi. The film was produced by Claudia Jamyang and Julia Booth and edited by the late Heidi Kenesey, whose memory the film is dedicated to.

Booth says the film showcases “how simple things can stop us from achieving things in our lives and the challenge of overcoming those things”.

The Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner serves as a showcase of worldwide short productions while providing opportunities for filmmakers to present their works for viewing by industry professionals.

“More and more the Short Film Corner will become really important for young filmmakers as a real entry to the bigger world of festivals and filmmaking,” according to Booth.

The Container will be screened in Cannes from May 13 – 20.

Baby wrangler- Deki and Saatchi

Director Jmayang and his Saatchi – baby lead

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